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HLS Student. January 19, 2011

(Guest blogger Trisha Ananiades is a 2L. She is an Assistant Technical Editor for the Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law.)

I have been a sports fan as long as I can remember – an oddity in my family, given that no one else knows or cares about sports. One of the biggest reasons I came to HLS was the opportunity to take classes in sports law. I knew that as soon as I hit 2L year, I was going to sign up for the available sports law courses, including eschewing clinical opportunities in warmer climes to stay in Cambridge to take Representing the Professional Athlete over J-Term. Although this seems fairly innocuous, it was a rather substantial concession for someone who grew up in California and thinks it’s “freezing” when the temperature is below 60 degrees!

Imagine my excitement when today, on our second to last day of class during J-Term, we had a special visitor from the Boston Celtics:

Shaq seems to really enjoy coming to Harvard (or at least, near Harvard). Back during fall semester, he visited Harvard Square where he sat on a bench like a statue for an hour and let people take pictures with him. What Shaq talked about in class is confidential (what happens in Sports Law stays in Sports Law!), but I will say that he was quite funny, engaging, and charming. He was very open about the topics he discussed: endorsement contracts, his moves to different teams, his interest in being both a humanitarian and a basketball player, and yes, even his acting career (including “Kazaam”).

The Sports Law professor Peter Carfagna has such fantastic connections that we are often able to have great guest speakers in our classes. I can’t promise that Shaq will show up to your Sports Law class too, but this is yet another example of the incredible opportunities available to HLS students and exemplifies why I continue to be thankful that I made the choice to come to HLS.

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