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  1. Honoring our Veterans

    Check out this wonderful piece on some of the service members who are studying at HLS this year.   Thank you to all who serve. ~Jessica  

    . November 12, 2013

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  2. Not Your Average First Day of Law School

    It’s been busy around HLS!  In addition to welcoming a new class to campus, my colleagues and I have started travelling the country to recruit next year’s class. I love the first few days when all the new 1Ls arrive on campus.  Their arrival is the culmination of a year of hard work for my […]

    . September 16, 2013

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  3. Inaugural Public Service Venture Fund Grant Recipients Announced

    This year I had the pleasure of serving as an interviewer for the Public Service Venture Fund.  The PSVF will award up to $1 million each year to HLS grads to help them obtain their ideal jobs in public service. The recipients of the fund identified unmet legal needs and are developing new initiatives to […]

    . June 17, 2013

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  4. 1L Section Six and the Boston Debate League

    HLS students get involved in many things during their time here.  Much of their focus is on their preparation for their law career, but many of their activities are also community service based. Earlier this semester, Section 6 of the 1L class brought in high school students from the Boston Debate League to expose them […]

    . March 28, 2013


  5. The Supreme Court at Harvard

    The doors to the east entrance of the Ames Courtroom were closed around 11 am with “NO ENTRY” signs posted outside.  Students, faculty and others entered the courtroom through the West staircase. As I was standing in the Admissions Office lobby, I realized what the fuss was about… outside my door stood Supreme Court Justice […]

    . February 14, 2013


  6. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    Finals are almost over, the holidays are almost here and the end of 2012 has brought some wonderful news to the HLS campus. This week it was announced that six of this year’s Skadden Fellows hail from Harvard Law School. This fellowship is an amazing opportunity for students who are about to begin a career […]

    . December 21, 2012


  7. Around HLS: Student Organizations

    At HLS, we have over 90 student organizations on campus. With organizations focusing on publishing journals, building support for underrepresented populations, and exploring non-law school related interests, students are given a wide range of opportunities and are encouraged to create, implement, and pursue their interests. For example, a student who noted a need to address […]

    . April 23, 2012

  8. Around HLS: Clinicals and Pro Bono Opportunities

    Students committed to public service and/or interested in learning more about public service initiatives should consider the Clinical and Pro Bono Programs offered at Harvard Law School (HLS). Student participants in the Clinical and Pro Bono Programs are afforded the opportunity to directly service and represent clients in actual cases under the supervision of clinical […]

    . April 19, 2012

  9. Around HLS: The President’s Challenge

    The President’s Challenge aims to encourage Harvard students to imagine, create, and innovate ideas that will impact and change the world. Teams will submit proposals that address five current global problems and be evaluated on its potential impact and feasibility. Ten finalists will be selected and awarded $5,000 to further their project. Teams will be […]

    . April 16, 2012

  10. Around HLS: Cross-Registration

    Harvard Law School (HLS) offers students the opportunity to explore, develop, and enhance specific areas of interest through the cross-registration process. Cross-Registration is a great way to apply and transfer skills gained at HLS into secondary areas of interest. Students are encouraged to seek out courses at all Harvard Schools. In addition, HLS students may […]

    . April 12, 2012

  11. Around HLS: Our New Building

    The Wassertein Hall, Caspersen Student Center and Clinical Wing building (WCC) is the newest edition to the Law School campus. Opening its doors in January 2012, the WCC is home to classrooms that foster discussion, teamwork, and creativity. The building is devoted to developing practical experiences in the field of law that meet the societal […]

    . April 9, 2012

  12. Program Highlight: One Day’s Work

    One Day’s Work is Harvard’s student funded fellowship program. You may not have heard of it because, despite a strong start (, in the past few years it has been less than successful. We have energetically revamped the program this year, because we are confident that it will be a meaningful addition to the Harvard […]

    . January 17, 2012

  13. HLStudents

    We’ve just launched our new student profiles website! Take a look at HLStudents to learn more about Harvard Law School from our students.

    . November 22, 2011


  14. Veterans at HLS

    A wonderful article was published this week about some of the veterans who are currently attending Harvard Law School. Veterans share their experiences in the military and at HLS

    . November 15, 2011

  15. For Those of You Interested in IP and Cyberlaw…

    Have you checked out our professors’ blogs? Take a look to find out more about what’s going on at HLS and its Berkman Center for Internet and Society! You can find Professor Jonathan Zittrain’s blog here, Professor John Palfrey’s blog here, and Professor Lawrence Lessig’s blog here.

    . February 1, 2011

  16. Five HLS Students Awarded Prestigious Skadden Fellowships for Public Service Work

    Four Harvard Law School students and one recent graduate have been chosen to receive Skadden Fellowships to support their work in public service. This prestigious fellowship was awarded to 29 people this year. The Harvard Law School recipients are Elizabeth Benton ’11, Stephen Cha-Kim ’11, Dustin Saldarriaga ’11, Emily Werth ’11 and Michael Zabelin ’10. […]

    . December 15, 2010

  17. The HLS Public Service Tradition Continues After Graduation…

    The American Immigration Lawyers Association recently selected HLS alum Marilia Zellner as the inaugural “Face of AILA.” Marilia is a supervising immigration attorney for Community Legal Services of East Palo Alto. She works with the poor immigrant community of East Palo Alto and also conducts many volunteer immigrants’ rights training programs on weekends. In 2008, […]

    . December 3, 2010

  18. Professor Tribe to Return to HLS from DC

    Professor Laurence Tribe, one of the world’s foremost experts on Constitutional Law and who has been serving in the Obama administration as the first Senior Counselor for Access to Justice in the Justice Department, will be returning to HLS this January and resuming teaching in the 2011-2012 school year. We know DC will miss him, […]

    . November 19, 2010

  19. Chief Justice Roberts and the Ames Moot Court Competition

    A couple nights ago, Dean of Admissions Josh Rubenstein surrendered his office for a very good reason – the annual Ames Moot Court Competition. Each year, three distinguished judges, usually including a Supreme Court justice, come to HLS for a night to judge the final round of the Ames competition. The closed-door deliberations are held […]

    . November 18, 2010

  20. Chief Justice Roberts Surprise Visit

    I’ll make this post short, but Chief Justice John Roberts just surprised our Legislation and Regulation class with a 40-minute Q&A during class. Quote from our professor when the Chief Justice walked in: “Shazam! It’s the Chief Justice!” A perfect reminder of how special HLS is.

    . November 17, 2010


  21. Clinical Program No One Leaves Featured on PBS NewsHour
    Last year, HLS clinical students, with the help of Clinical Professor and Harvard Legal Aid Bureau Director David Grossman, started up Project No One Leaves, which provides legal aid to tenants and homeowners facing eviction in Boston. They were recently chronicled on the PBS NewsHour for their innovative work […]

    . October 28, 2010

  22. Active Human Rights Clinic Files Yet Another Amicus Curiae Brief

    If you thought that as a student in the HLS International Human Rights Clinic program, you’d be going on field missions to Chile and Nepal, you’d be right. But if you thought that you would be working on amicus curiae briefs to the Second Circuit or even the United States Supreme Court, you would also […]

    . October 26, 2010

  23. Are you a public service entrepreneur?

    HLS’s innovative new program, the Public Service Venture Fund (PSVF), has launched a new website you should check out! The Fund is an innovative approach to offering flexible support for students interested in public service careers. The first program of its kind at a law school, PSVF will offer “seed money” for startup nonprofit ventures […]

    . September 27, 2010

  24. HLS Alums Reign Supreme at the Court

    Interested in clerking for a Supreme Court Justice? Seems like HLS is the place to be! Of the incoming 39 clerks for the 2010-2011 term, 11 are HLS alums, the highest number from a single law school this year. You can read more about it here. The New York Times yesterday also noted the prevalence […]

    . September 7, 2010

  25. Sheriff Elizabeth Warren, Rap Star

    Yes, many law schools have many well-known faculty members. But how many law schools can boast of rap videos being made about their professors?!? And then having said rap video profiled in the Wall Street Journal blog? Presently, we can think of only one law school and one professor with that honor: HLS’s Professor Elizabeth […]

    . August 18, 2010

  26. Justice Elena Kagan!

    You may have heard recently that HLS Alum and former Dean Elena Kagan has been confirmed as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Justice Kagan embodies the HLS spirit for public service and justice and we are proud that yet another distinguished HLS alum will fill the bench of the highest court in the […]

    . August 10, 2010

  27. Professor Jody Freeman in the New York Times on “Carrots” in Environmental Regulations

    Professor Jody Freeman, the founding director of the Harvard Law School Environmental Law and Policy Program, recently returned from serving in the White House as Counselor for Energy and Climate Change. Professor Freeman wrote an op-ed in the New York Times this morning about ways to restructure incentives to reward good behavior instead of the […]

    . July 1, 2010

  28. Focus of the Week: Clinical Program

    Want practical real-life experience as a lawyer before you graduate from law school? Are you interested in hammering out a deal? Do you want to see the inside of a courtroom? Would you like to interview clients? If your reply is yes, you need to check out the HLS Clinical Program. Over 70% of HLS […]

    . April 13, 2010

  29. Publice Interest Week: HLS and the Equal Justice Works Top 10 List

    Equal Justice Works recently provided a “Top 10” list of criteria for evaluating law schools for students interested in public interest careers. The original post is here, but we thought we would go through the checklist and provide some answers as well! The following is the “Top 10” list with our thoughts: 1. A dedicated […]

    . April 9, 2010

  30. Focus of the Week: Public Interest at HLS

    Many of you are contemplating public interest careers and are concerned with the opportunities and support for public interest work. Harvard’s support for public interest – both financial and academic, as well as through its extensive network – is second to none. With several full-time advisors and over 20 years of experience, the HLS Office […]

    . April 6, 2010

  31. Private Sector/OCS Week: Job Market Dynamics

    We have heard from many applicants this year who are concerned with the state of the economy and their job prospects coming out of Harvard. We asked Mark Weber, the Assistant Dean for Career Services who heads up the Office of Career Services (OCS), to weigh in: Despite one of the most difficult job markets […]

    . April 2, 2010

  32. Focus of the Week: Private Sector & Office of Career Services

    This week, the Admissions Blog will be focusing on the HLS Office of Career Services (OCS) and opportunities in the private sector. Harvard Law School provides access to an amazing array of opportunities for students in the private sector, supported by a tremendous network of connections via OCS. You can learn more about OCS here. […]

    . March 29, 2010

  33. International Legal Studies Week: Q&A with Professor Bill Alford

    The following questions are composites of some of the most frequently asked questions we have received throughout the admissions process. Professor Bill Alford, Henry L. Stimson Professor of Law, the Vice Dean for the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies, the Director of East Asian Legal Studies, and Chair of the Project on Disability at […]

    . March 26, 2010

  34. International Legal Studies Week: The Harvard Law & International Development Society

    Guest blogger Anne Healey is currently a 2L and Vice-President of Collaborations of the Harvard Law & International Development Society. You can also read about Anne’s personal experience here. Access to justice for Burmese refugees in Thailand. Criminal justice reform in post-conflict Liberia. Private sector development in Tanzania. These are just some of the real-world […]

    . March 25, 2010

  35. Welcome to International Legal Studies Week!

    This week, the Admissions Blog will be focusing on the HLS International Legal Studies program. Harvard Law School has an expansive international and comparative law curriculum, as well as an unparalleled variety and breadth of opportunities for international clinical and work experience. You can find out more about the International Legal Studies program here…. To […]

    . March 22, 2010

  36. Harvard Negotiation Law Review Symposium

    Through the course of a normal week in your life, with whom do you negotiate most often? You may negotiate with your roommate or significant other for the remote control, your friends and family over the time and attention you’ll be devoting to each of them, and even negotiate with your cat over the available […]

    . March 8, 2010

  37. Jody Freeman Returns to HLS as Director of the Environmental Law Program

    Professor Jody Freeman will return to the Harvard Law School faculty in March 2010, after serving in the White House as Counselor for Energy and Climate Change since January, 2009. You can read more about Professor Freeman and what she has been up to at the White House here and also here.

    . February 26, 2010

  38. Life as an Attorney General

    In the latest of a string of lunch talks, the Office of Public Interest Advising, affectionately dubbed OPIA, hosted Director of the National State Attorney General Program at Columbia Law School and former Attorney General of Maine James Tierney. After a room full of voracious law students devoured the pizza offered (ah, the pleasures of […]

    . February 12, 2010

  39. Harvard Law School Launches New Public Service Venture Fund

    CAMBRIDGE, MA (Tuesday, February 9, 2010) – Harvard Law School today announced the creation of the Public Service Venture Fund, which will start by awarding $1 million in grants every year to help graduating students pursue careers in public service. The first program of its kind at a law school, the fund will offer “seed […]

    . February 9, 2010

  40. Harvard Law School…and The Daily Show

    It is perhaps no surprise that over 70 Harvard Law School faculty and alumni — including former Dean Elena Kagan and Professors David Barron, Cass Sunstein, and Jody Freeman — have been playing an integral role in the Obama administration. (See…) These faculty and alumni are carrying on the HLS public interest tradition and making […]

    . February 1, 2010

  41. International Criminal Court Prosecutor Ocampo Teaches J-Term Course at HLS

    Luis Moreno Ocampo, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), was recently at HLS for two weeks teaching a course with Dean Martha Minow and Prof. Alex Whiting. The class was focused on the policies and strategies of the ICC Prosecutor’s office with respect to investigations, complementarity, case selection, victim participation, disclosure and protection […]

    . January 19, 2010

  42. Faculty Profile: Visiting Professor Richard Lazarus

    This winter term, the visiting professor who taught my 1L Torts class is back at Harvard to teach an Environmental Law course. I took the opportunity to sit down with him and ask questions about visiting, practicing, and Harvard then and now:

    LD: So first off, you’re a visiting professor here, and I was hoping you could tell our readers what that means.

    RL: Harvard brings in a lot of visiting professors every year, some for a year, mostly for a semester, and some for the winter term. Sometimes they’ve got a regular law professor who is on leave somewhere, but I think most of the visitors come in because they’re teaching something that the law school thinks is particularly interesting, and they would like to add it to the curriculum. It provides real enrichment—they have a lot of additional classes that otherwise wouldn’t be offered.

    . January 15, 2010

  43. Disaster in Haiti

    The recent tragedy in Haiti is fresh on the minds of Harvard Law School community members. Recent HLS alum Pooja Bhatia, who has been living in Haiti and was previously the HLS Satter Fellow at the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux in Port-au-Prince, wrote an op-ed piece which appeared in today’s New York Times. You can […]

    . January 14, 2010

  44. Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinic Assists in “Actors’ Dilemma”

    HLS and daytime television? Yes, you heard right. Clinical Professor Robert Bordone, Director of the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program, along with Toby Berkman HLS ‘10, recently held a day-long workshop in NYC for soap opera stars. Actors from soap operas such as “All My Children,” “One Life to Live,” and “As the World […]

    . January 8, 2010

  45. Great News for Public Service at HLS!

    Today, HLS announced the creation of 12 Holmes Public Service Fellowships which will fund one year of public service work for graduating students.  This is on top of the already amazing support for public service through other fellowship programs, our guaranteed summer public interest funding, and the Low Income Protection Plan.  For more information, check […]

    . October 23, 2009

  46. Immigration Clinic Secures Major Victory

    Clinicals were a favorite part of the time I spent at HLS.  This story caught my eye as a great example of the type of impact you can have by getting really involved in a clinic.  Here, an HLS student helped obtain asylum status for a parent and two children whose family members were singled […]

    . October 11, 2009

  47. Sports & Entertainment Law

    Over the past few years we’ve been dramatically expanding our sports & entertainment law program to include a clinical and a student group.  This article recaps the recent approval of a sports & entertainment law journal, first issue to publish this fall:

    . October 1, 2009

  48. Student Activities Fair

    Just got back from the student activities fair.  Have to say I was completely blown away by the level of student-driven activity going on at HLS.  All told, over 90 organizations had booths at the fair.  The Ropes-Gray room in Pound Hall was absolutely packed with students.  While I can’t say I had a chance […]

    . September 23, 2009

  49. Kagan returns to HLS

    One of the perks of being an HLS student is that key players in the law often stop by for a visit.  Supreme Court Justices, law firm & business leaders, political candidates, and government leaders often come to the law school to give speeches, sit on panels, and guest lecture.  Last Friday, Solicitor General Elena […]

    . September 14, 2009

  50. Green Cities, Brown Suburbs?

    If someone told you that the solution to save the planet was building more skyscrapers, you probably wouldn’t believe it. Yet, as explained by Harvard economics professor, Ed Glaeser, in a recent discussion with the HLS Real Estate Association, if you want to be good to the environment, you should stay away from it. In […]

    . March 31, 2009