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  1. Inside the Black Box: Update on the Admissions Team

    This is an update to our first post in last year’s blog series on HLS Admissions. We have a few new members on the team this year – get to know them below! Jessica Soban is the Assistant Dean and Chief Admissions Officer. Jessica is a graduate of HLS, Class of 2007 and Harvard College, Class of […]

    . September 28, 2015


  2. It’s Begun: Application Season

    It’s Begun: Application Season We’re live! Whether you are working on your application now, planning for next year, or have already clicked submit, you have a lot of options to connect with us to learn more about our process. Read the Admissions Blog You’re reading it now. Keep coming back for more updates from the […]

    . September 15, 2015


  3. Looking Ahead: The Wait List, Transfers, and Next Year’s Application

    Looking Ahead: The Wait List, Transfers, and Next Year’s Application  With summer fast approaching, many of you are finishing your final semesters at college, defending graduate dissertations, or sketching out the next steps of your careers. Wherever you are in this process, I wanted to link you to a few posts that might help you […]

    . April 13, 2015


  4. Finding Your Fit: Law School Choices

    Marissa is a 2L from the San Francisco Bay Area by way of five years in Atlanta at Emory University—four for school and one working in Development and Alumni Relations. She double majored in History and French Studies, with a minor in Theatre Studies.  A Perfect Fit I knew I wanted to go to graduate […]

    . January 20, 2015


  5. Inside the Black Box 3: From Submit to Admit

    This is the final post in a series that sheds light on the inner workings of HLS Admissions. Our previous posts focused on the admissions team and the application review process. To wrap up our series on the application process at HLS, I want you to hear straight from one of our current students. Below, Michelle shares insight on […]

    . December 3, 2014

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  6. Inside the Black Box 2: The Admissions Process

    This post is the second in a series that will help to demystify the black box of HLS Admissions. In our previous post, you met the members of our admissions team. In this post, you will learn more about the application review process. As promised, here is a deeper peek into what goes on here in […]

    . November 21, 2014

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  7. Inside the Black Box 1: The Admissions Team

    This post is the first in a series that will help to demystify the black box of HLS Admissions. To begin with, we would like to reintroduce you to our admissions team. Get to know our staff members, in their own words, below. Jessica Soban is the Assistant Dean and Chief Admissions Officer. Jessica is […]

    . October 20, 2014


  8. Our Application is Live!

    Hello again! The admissions season has officially begun! To get you started, here are some resources to help you as you apply. Your best source of information over the coming months will be our website. It contains information on the application process, requirements, dates and deadlines, and FAQs. There’s even a convenient application checklist to help you […]

    . September 15, 2014


  9. L.A.W.S. events

    Hello, everyone! I hope this post finds you having a wonderful summer. The HLS JD Admissions Office kicked off travel season this past week with the first two sessions of the Law Admissions Workshop Series (L.A.W.S.) in DC and New York. Working with our colleagues at thirteen other law schools, these events offered prospective applicants […]

    . July 18, 2014


  10. Waiting is the hardest part…

    My colleagues and I have been busy reading applications since October and we have the paper cuts and bleary eyes to prove it! Since we have a rolling admissions process at HLS, some students have already received a decision about their application, while students who completed their applications later in the cycle are still being […]

    . January 20, 2014


  11. Tweet

    Happy New Year everyone!  I’m not much for resolutions, but this year, I decided to make one on behalf of the office: we’re going to find new ways to keep in touch with you! To that end, we are inviting you to follow us on Twitter. We’ll be keeping you up-to-date with reminders, tidbits and […]

    . January 2, 2014


  12. LSATs, Ice Storms and Deadlines, oh my!

    This weekend many applicants’ plans were derailed as a winter storm closed LSAT test centers in several parts of the country.  We’ve heard from students who had planned to take the LSAT this weekend but are now feeling stuck as application deadlines are approaching. I understand the frustration and concern this has caused many applicants […]

    . December 11, 2013


  13. Tips for your Interview

    We learned a TON last year about our Skype interview process and we have some tips we want to share with you. •             When registering for your interview, make sure that you consider your time zone; all of our interviews are scheduled for Eastern Time. •             When you register for your interview, please use the […]

    . October 21, 2013


  14. Meet the interview team

    Hi everyone, This week we started issuing invitations to interview with a member of our office and we get to start talking with you next week!  If you are offered an interview spot, that means we know a lot about you already—we’ve read your personal statement, letters about you, your resume, etc.  But to be […]

    . October 18, 2013