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  1. Clinics at HLS

    Rebecca Moses is a 3L from New York City who came to HLS straight from Georgetown University. With a strong interest in criminal law and a commitment to public service, she hopes to pursue a career as a federal prosecutor. Student Voice: Clinics at HLS Though I came to law school precisely to pursue a […]

    . March 31, 2015

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  2. OPIA: Supporting Public Interest at HLS

    Jessica Ranucci is a 2L at HLS. She is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. Prior to HLS, she directed a youth program at a community center in Boston. Isabel Broer is a 2L from central Massachusetts. Isabel studied political science at Columbia before joining TFA in Denver, Colorado. With a strong interest in education policy, she […]

    . March 25, 2015

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  3. Early Interview Program: Exploring Opportunities

    Sandra Hough is a 2L at HLS. Originally from Basking Ridge, New Jersey, she ventured south to Duke University for college. After graduating, she spent two years working as a paralegal at a law firm in New York City. At HLS, she is on the board of the Women’s Law Association and an editor of […]

    . March 23, 2015


  4. Building a Public Interest Career at HLS

    Jessica Ranucci is a 2L at HLS. She is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. Prior to HLS, she directed a youth program at a community center in Boston. Mark Thomson is a 2L at HLS. He is from Minneapolis, MN. Before coming to HLS, he worked as a legal assistant in Chicago. Building a Public Interest […]

    . March 16, 2015

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  5. Cold Calls and Volunteers: Socratic Method at HLS

    Kellen Wittkop is a 2L at HLS. Originally from Broomfield, Colorado, she received her BA in Economics and English from Colorado State University. She spent last summer in Washington, DC at the US Department of Justice, and will be going home to Denver next summer for an internship at Faegre Baker Daniels. When she’s not […]

    . March 10, 2015


  6. International Opportunities: Summertime Travel and Semester-long Study

    In her first post, Lindsay Church gave an overview of the career pipeline at HLS. In this post, she talks a bit more about opportunities to study and work internationally during law school. In addition to her classwork and travel, Lindsay also serves on the board of the Federalist Society and is the news editor […]

    . March 6, 2015

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  7. Career Pipeline

    Lindsay Church is a second-year student from Jacksonville, Florida. Before coming to HLS, she studied journalism at the University of South Carolina. Student Voice: Career Services at HLS The Early Interview Program Without a doubt, the job search process is among the most anxiety inducing part of all of law school. After wrapping up 1L, […]

    . March 2, 2015


  8. Outside the Lecture Hall 2

    Noah Marks is a current 2L from Chapel Hill, NC. He went to school at Swarthmore College, where he studied Engineering and Religion, and then received a MA from the Jewish Theological Seminary in Biblical Interpretation before coming to HLS. Long-term, he is interested in administrative and regulatory law, and how the idea of sacredness […]

    . February 23, 2015


  9. Myth Buster: Classroom Experience at HLS

    Jaimie McFarlin is a third-year Harvard Law School student, originally from Monroe, New York and a member of the Harvard Black Law Students Association. Before law school, Jaimie played professional basketball in Copenhagen, Denmark and worked in Washington, D.C. for a lobbying organization. She received both her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration […]

    . January 26, 2015


  10. Finding Your Fit: Law School Choices

    Marissa is a 2L from the San Francisco Bay Area by way of five years in Atlanta at Emory University—four for school and one working in Development and Alumni Relations. She double majored in History and French Studies, with a minor in Theatre Studies.  A Perfect Fit I knew I wanted to go to graduate […]

    . January 20, 2015


  11. Learning Appellate Advocacy at HLS: Ames Moot Court Competition

    In his first post, Jacob Hanna wrote about the First-Year Ames Moot Court Competition, a chance for 1Ls to get a taste of courtroom life. In this post, he writes about other opportunities for upperclassmen to hone the craft of litigation here at HLS. Learning Appellate Advocacy at HLS: Ames Moot Court Competition We are […]

    . January 13, 2015

  12. “May it please the Court”: The Board of Student Advisers and The First-Year Ames Moot Court Competition

    Although he was born in Kentucky and raised in Ohio, Jacob Hanna, a 2L, has lived on the East coast for the last ten years. He studied finance and communication at American University in Washington, D.C. After graduating, he worked at Deloitte Consulting LLP for five years in the firm’s Strategy & Operations practice, where […]

    . January 5, 2015

  13. Outside the Lecture Hall

    Jeff Huberman is a 2L from Newton, Massachusetts. He went to Tulane University in New Orleans for undergrad, and worked for two years at the Massachusetts Statehouse before law school.   Outside the Lecture Hall Harvard Law School is such an incredible place to be, with amazing professors and practitioners who create opportunities in the classroom […]

    . December 17, 2014


  14. Pathway to HLS

    Isabel Broer is a 2L from New Jersey (via Massachusetts). Isabel studied Political Science at Columbia before joining TFA. With a strong interest in education policy, she hopes to pursue a career in public interest. Pathway to HLS Hello, readers! My name is Isabel, and I’m a 2L at HLS. I’m currently sitting in the […]

    . December 12, 2014


  15. Inside the Black Box 3: From Submit to Admit

    This is the final post in a series that sheds light on the inner workings of HLS Admissions. Our previous posts focused on the admissions team and the application review process. To wrap up our series on the application process at HLS, I want you to hear straight from one of our current students. Below, Michelle shares insight on […]

    . December 3, 2014

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  16. HLS Lambda Co-Hosts Inaugural LGBTQ Conference at Harvard

    I’m handing over my blog this week to the leadership of Lambda! ~Jessica HLS Lambda, the Law School’s LGBTQ student organization, recently had the opportunity to partner with our colleagues at the Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School to host the inaugural LGBTQ Conference at Harvard.  We brought together a range of speakers, including […]

    . February 18, 2014


  17. Honoring our Veterans

    Check out this wonderful piece on some of the service members who are studying at HLS this year.   Thank you to all who serve. ~Jessica  

    . November 12, 2013

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  18. 1L Section Six and the Boston Debate League

    HLS students get involved in many things during their time here.  Much of their focus is on their preparation for their law career, but many of their activities are also community service based. Earlier this semester, Section 6 of the 1L class brought in high school students from the Boston Debate League to expose them […]

    . March 28, 2013


  19. Social Harvard: Down Memory Lane

    It’s easy to feel blue after Mother Nature violently rebuffed my attempts to wear shorts and flip-flops today, but I can’t help smiling while answering this week’s Mailbag question. What’s been your most memorable HLS experience? Osaama, Cal ‘12 That’s a deceptively simple question, Osaama, because I’ve already had so many great experiences this year. […]

    . April 12, 2012

  20. Advice for making your decision

    It’s been quite some time since my last post, which means I must have been busy (not lazy)! As decision-making time looms for many of you out there in 0L internet land, I urge you to consider an objectively obvious factor that lends itself to extremely subjective interpretation: size. When I was making the right […]

    . April 10, 2012

  21. Social Harvard: Of Happy Hours & Free Lunches

    Congratulations to Philipp K.! Philipp was the first reader to correctly guess the pronunciation of my last name (rhymes with needle), making him the winner of the inaugural Social Harvard Mailbag Challenge! Philipp also correctly identified the Bavarian origins of my name, aptly noting my family’s proud history as the best yodelers north of the […]

    . March 19, 2012

  22. Social Harvard: An Introduction

    For those of you already admitted to Harvard, you no doubt have your pick of excellent law schools. You’ll likely base your decision on relatively observable characteristics like employment outcomes, course offerings, or facility aesthetics. These are certainly important considerations, but when I was making this decision last year, I also valued a school with […]

    . February 14, 2012

  23. Where the True Magic Happens

    It is a Thursday. I’m trying to taking advantage of some free time and get ahead on my Evidence reading. Then I get an email popup with the following subject line: “Does anyone know how to create a non-profit corporation in New York State?” My first reaction was to laugh. Who does things like this? […]

    . October 21, 2011

  24. Fall in Cambridge

    You know it is fall in Cambridge when: 1. The temperature can be 77 one day and 57 two days later. 2. You can sustain yourself on the free swag/food provided during on campus fairs/events/meetings. 3. The HLS tunnels begin to resemble a busy city street on rainy days. 4. U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice […]

    . October 4, 2011

  25. 1L Job Search

    Hi, again! I thought that I’d post in a bit more detail how the 1L job search works here at HLS. In November, you can select an advisor in both OPIA, the office that covers public interest advising, and OCS, the office that covers private sector employment and clerkships. This advisor is your go-to person […]

    . March 11, 2011

  26. Quick Note on Intramural Sports and Gym Life at HLS

    For those of you who came to the Admitted Applicant Program this past weekend, I hope you checked out Hemenway during your time on campus. Hemenway is an incredible, state-of-the-art facility right on the HLS campus that has separate floors for weights and cardio, locker rooms, multiple squash courts, a great basketball/volleyball court, and a […]

    . March 9, 2011

  27. 100 days to go!

    No, I haven’t been keeping count myself. Last week, the 3L class marshals hosted the “100 days to go lunch” for all graduating students. The purpose of the lunch was to announce our class speaker and give us information on regalia, class rings, etc. But really what it did was tell us all that our […]

    . February 21, 2011

  28. Problem Solving Workshop (A Student’s Perspective)

    I wanted to drop a quick line to tell all you eager 0L’s out there in internet land a bit about the infamous “J-Term” at HLS. All 1Ls are required to take a course entitled “Problem Solving Workshop” during a three-week period following winter break and prior to the start of second semester. Over the […]

    . January 21, 2011

  29. Winter Term: Food and Drug Law

    I have to admit that when the enormous textbook arrived in the mail I was dreading the arrival of winter term. However, this has turned out to be one of the more interesting classes that I have taken at HLS. As my professor put it, “food and drug law affects everyone.” Usually I shy away […]

    . January 20, 2011

  30. It’s Been Awhile

    Well, hi! I think all of us bloggers took a bit of a blogging break during finals. The 8-hr long take home finals were a new type of exam for me, and I’d like to thank the bagel, the cookie, and the chocolate for getting me through them. Add on friends and family to that. […]

    . January 20, 2011

  31. Shaq Attack!

    (Guest blogger Trisha Ananiades is a 2L. She is an Assistant Technical Editor for the Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law.) I have been a sports fan as long as I can remember – an oddity in my family, given that no one else knows or cares about sports. One of the biggest reasons I […]

    . January 19, 2011

  32. Chief Justice Roberts Surprise Visit

    I’ll make this post short, but Chief Justice John Roberts just surprised our Legislation and Regulation class with a 40-minute Q&A during class. Quote from our professor when the Chief Justice walked in: “Shazam! It’s the Chief Justice!” A perfect reminder of how special HLS is.

    . November 17, 2010


  33. Shakespeare and the Law

    Reading groups are among the many unique features of Harvard’s 1L experience. A reading group is a collection of 10-12 students who meet with a professor every other week to discuss a topic unrelated to our law school classes. Each reading group has a specific theme, ranging from immigration policy to terrorism to the history […]

    . November 17, 2010

  34. It’s mid-November already?!

    I wanted to let all of the applicants know that it is November 13 and 60 degrees here in Cambridge. Beautiful, sunny skies. And this is how it has been every single day this month. OK, that’s not true, but it is a beautiful day in what has been a bit of a chilly and […]

    . November 14, 2010

  35. Learning outside the classroom

    Harvard Law School is renowned for many things, from its world-class faculty to unparalleled facilities and resources to a (sometimes nauseatingly) accomplished student body. Yet throughout the first term of my 1L year, I’ve come to realize that the hidden gem of HLS may just be the opportunity to hear from and meet a collection […]

    . November 5, 2010

  36. So You Want to Go to Law School?
    Cartoons with robot voices talking about law school seems like an odd thing to be gaining a lot of attention among lawyers, but about fifteen people have all forwarded me the same YouTube video entitled “So You Want to Go to Law School.” It features a young woman who […]

    . November 3, 2010

  37. La Alianza picked a peck of… apples?

    A couple weeks ago, I went apple picking for the very first time. The purpose of the trip was to bond with other members of La Alianza, the Latino student group on campus. I have to say the trip was more of a success than I expected. As part of our group package we were […]

    . November 1, 2010

  38. Seeing Beyond the Frivolous

    I grew up on a steady diet of daytime television, along with which came a hearty helping of personal injury lawyer ads. One of my local law firms even made Esquire’s list of the five worst plaintiffs’ lawyers ads of all time (For that one and four other gems, check this out.). These low-budget commercials, […]

    . October 27, 2010

  39. Research Away

    Most of my time spent in law-related activities outside the classroom at HLS revolves around my research assistant (RA) work for two professors. I am also on a journal and attend as many Women’s Law Association events as I can, but the journal commitment for 1Ls is not terribly time consuming, so I dedicate a […]

    . October 25, 2010

  40. Long Distance

    Long distance is a frustrating topic for me. Growing up I always said that I would stay in Chicago for college and never leave. I come from a very large Mexican family and no one lived outside of the area when I was in high school. I hadn’t even been anywhere in the United States […]

    . October 22, 2010

  41. A Day in the Life

    As I went through the law school decision-making process last year, I was certainly not shy about asking many questions about what differentiates school X from school Y, if there were differences in career prospects depending on what school you attended, quality of life, make-up of the student body, etc. However, I realized once I […]

    . October 18, 2010

  42. Yes, firms do research summer associates…

    If you’ve read my entries in this blog before, you know that I spent my summer working for a mid-size firm in Chicago. The first assignment that we got as summer associates was a big document review. I wasn’t surprised by that fact at all. Two other summers and I walked into a small conference […]

    . October 15, 2010

  43. The Return of Fall Break

    After I graduated from undergrad, I assumed I would never have a fall break again. The beautiful three-day weekend that used to give us the perfect chance to go apple-picking couldn’t possibly exist in law school, too. I had forgotten, however, about a little guy named Christopher Columbus (and I don’t mean Christopher Columbus Langdell, […]

    . October 13, 2010

  44. Food, glorious food

    In Josh’s introduction to the blog, he hoped that some of us would share our thoughts on living on a budget. I’d like to focus on the base of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, in particular, food. (For reference, take a look at how Wiki depicts it. But do not ever cite to Wikipedia while in […]

    . October 6, 2010

  45. One Heck of a Walk…

    Every morning, I leave my off-campus apartment between Harvard and Central Squares and embark on my 15-minute journey to the law school. As I speed-walk toward a class in contracts or torts, weaving in and out of photo-snapping tourists (generally to the tune of a Kanye song), I have a moment to reflect on the […]

    . October 4, 2010

  46. The Truth about Dorm Living

    Walter Gropius: German architect, Founder of the Bauhaus movement, designer of Harvard Law School dormitory complex named in his honor, the butt of many a pun involving the first syllable of his last name…the list goes on and on. Three weeks into living in the Gropius dorms, I’m starting to understand why these dorms are […]

    . September 30, 2010

  47. One month into 1L year…

    One month into 1L year in Section One. One incredibly Socratic professor with a penchant for suspenders. One section leader and professor who occasionally goes by Papa Bear. One professor who daily leaps and bounds about the classroom. One Legal Research and Writing Climenko Fellow with a knack for 80s humor. And one professor who […]

    . September 29, 2010

  48. A Big New Home

    The law school can seem like a really big place, especially at first glance.  While many law schools are contained within a single building, HLS’s sprawling campus (relatively speaking) casts a simultaneously grand and perhaps intimidating shadow over a 1L like me.  And, already, I’ve experienced both the grandeur and the intimidation. During the first […]

    . September 28, 2010

  49. Shaq as a Classmate?

    You just never know who you might bump into on the Harvard campus! Shaquille O’Neal recently spent an afternoon hanging out around Harvard and shared some good advice with the Boston Globe for students considering coming here: “If you have the academic ability to come here, I think you should. I can come visit, but […]

    . August 31, 2010

  50. Working as a 0L at HLS – Phillip Hill

    Guest blogger Phillip Hill will be starting at HLS this fall as a member of the class of 2013. School has not even started yet and I am already awestruck by the opportunities I have been afforded here at Harvard. Despite being a lowly 0L, I have had the privilege of working one-on-one with the […]

    . July 29, 2010

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