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  1. Clinics at HLS

    Rebecca Moses is a 3L from New York City who came to HLS straight from Georgetown University. With a strong interest in criminal law and a commitment to public service, she hopes to pursue a career as a federal prosecutor. Student Voice: Clinics at HLS Though I came to law school precisely to pursue a […]

    . March 31, 2015

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  2. OPIA: Supporting Public Interest at HLS

    Jessica Ranucci is a 2L at HLS. She is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. Prior to HLS, she directed a youth program at a community center in Boston. Isabel Broer is a 2L from central Massachusetts. Isabel studied political science at Columbia before joining TFA in Denver, Colorado. With a strong interest in education policy, she […]

    . March 25, 2015

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  3. Early Interview Program: Exploring Opportunities

    Sandra Hough is a 2L at HLS. Originally from Basking Ridge, New Jersey, she ventured south to Duke University for college. After graduating, she spent two years working as a paralegal at a law firm in New York City. At HLS, she is on the board of the Women’s Law Association and an editor of […]

    . March 23, 2015


  4. Building a Public Interest Career at HLS

    Jessica Ranucci is a 2L at HLS. She is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. Prior to HLS, she directed a youth program at a community center in Boston. Mark Thomson is a 2L at HLS. He is from Minneapolis, MN. Before coming to HLS, he worked as a legal assistant in Chicago. Building a Public Interest […]

    . March 16, 2015

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  5. Cold Calls and Volunteers: Socratic Method at HLS

    Kellen Wittkop is a 2L at HLS. Originally from Broomfield, Colorado, she received her BA in Economics and English from Colorado State University. She spent last summer in Washington, DC at the US Department of Justice, and will be going home to Denver next summer for an internship at Faegre Baker Daniels. When she’s not […]

    . March 10, 2015


  6. International Opportunities: Summertime Travel and Semester-long Study

    In her first post, Lindsay Church gave an overview of the career pipeline at HLS. In this post, she talks a bit more about opportunities to study and work internationally during law school. In addition to her classwork and travel, Lindsay also serves on the board of the Federalist Society and is the news editor […]

    . March 6, 2015

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  7. Career Pipeline

    Lindsay Church is a second-year student from Jacksonville, Florida. Before coming to HLS, she studied journalism at the University of South Carolina. Student Voice: Career Services at HLS The Early Interview Program Without a doubt, the job search process is among the most anxiety inducing part of all of law school. After wrapping up 1L, […]

    . March 2, 2015


  8. Outside the Lecture Hall 2

    Noah Marks is a current 2L from Chapel Hill, NC. He went to school at Swarthmore College, where he studied Engineering and Religion, and then received a MA from the Jewish Theological Seminary in Biblical Interpretation before coming to HLS. Long-term, he is interested in administrative and regulatory law, and how the idea of sacredness […]

    . February 23, 2015


  9. Myth Buster: Classroom Experience at HLS

    Jaimie McFarlin is a third-year Harvard Law School student, originally from Monroe, New York and a member of the Harvard Black Law Students Association. Before law school, Jaimie played professional basketball in Copenhagen, Denmark and worked in Washington, D.C. for a lobbying organization. She received both her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration […]

    . January 26, 2015


  10. Finding Your Fit: Law School Choices

    Marissa is a 2L from the San Francisco Bay Area by way of five years in Atlanta at Emory University—four for school and one working in Development and Alumni Relations. She double majored in History and French Studies, with a minor in Theatre Studies.  A Perfect Fit I knew I wanted to go to graduate […]

    . January 20, 2015


  11. Learning Appellate Advocacy at HLS: Ames Moot Court Competition

    In his first post, Jacob Hanna wrote about the First-Year Ames Moot Court Competition, a chance for 1Ls to get a taste of courtroom life. In this post, he writes about other opportunities for upperclassmen to hone the craft of litigation here at HLS. Learning Appellate Advocacy at HLS: Ames Moot Court Competition We are […]

    . January 13, 2015

  12. “May it please the Court”: The Board of Student Advisers and The First-Year Ames Moot Court Competition

    Although he was born in Kentucky and raised in Ohio, Jacob Hanna, a 2L, has lived on the East coast for the last ten years. He studied finance and communication at American University in Washington, D.C. After graduating, he worked at Deloitte Consulting LLP for five years in the firm’s Strategy & Operations practice, where […]

    . January 5, 2015

  13. Outside the Lecture Hall

    Jeff Huberman is a 2L from Newton, Massachusetts. He went to Tulane University in New Orleans for undergrad, and worked for two years at the Massachusetts Statehouse before law school.   Outside the Lecture Hall Harvard Law School is such an incredible place to be, with amazing professors and practitioners who create opportunities in the classroom […]

    . December 17, 2014


  14. Pathway to HLS

    Isabel Broer is a 2L from New Jersey (via Massachusetts). Isabel studied Political Science at Columbia before joining TFA. With a strong interest in education policy, she hopes to pursue a career in public interest. Pathway to HLS Hello, readers! My name is Isabel, and I’m a 2L at HLS. I’m currently sitting in the […]

    . December 12, 2014


  15. Inside the Black Box 3: From Submit to Admit

    This is the final post in a series that sheds light on the inner workings of HLS Admissions. Our previous posts focused on the admissions team and the application review process. To wrap up our series on the application process at HLS, I want you to hear straight from one of our current students. Below, Michelle shares insight on […]

    . December 3, 2014

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  16. HLS Lambda Co-Hosts Inaugural LGBTQ Conference at Harvard

    I’m handing over my blog this week to the leadership of Lambda! ~Jessica HLS Lambda, the Law School’s LGBTQ student organization, recently had the opportunity to partner with our colleagues at the Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School to host the inaugural LGBTQ Conference at Harvard.  We brought together a range of speakers, including […]

    . February 18, 2014


  17. Honoring our Veterans

    Check out this wonderful piece on some of the service members who are studying at HLS this year.   Thank you to all who serve. ~Jessica  

    . November 12, 2013

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  18. Student experiences

    Highly recommend checking out this article from the main HLS page: For those of you trying to sort out what law school might be right for you, this article provides a great perspective on the type of people you might meet at HLS, the opportunities that are available here, and the interesting things that graduates […]

    . September 17, 2009

  19. The Power of the Network

    One of my favorite parts of attending HLS was being part of a big class of incredibly talented individuals from a wide array of backgrounds.  This community greatly enhanced my learning experience while at the law school and guaranteed a vast network of friends and colleagues that spanned geographies, industries and career paths post-graduation.  Dean […]

    . September 9, 2009