Harvard branded custom URLs from bit.ly

Would you like to avoid having to use long URLs like this one in print and online?


In print publications, you’re asking your reader to do a lot of work to type a lengthy URL correctly, and for something like Twitter, every character counts.

Bit.ly offers custom URLs for Harvard sites

The online link shortening tool bit.ly is great for creating custom short links, and through an agreement with Harvard University they now offer Harvard-branded, “hrvd.me,” URLs.

Any time you enter a law.harvard.edu web address into bit.ly it will automatically generate the custom Harvard URL. We can turn this link:


into this:


How to:















To create your shortened URL:

  • Go to bitly.com;
  • Paste your URL;
  • Your shortened Harvard URL will display, from any “law.harvard.edu” or “harvard.edu” link.

It’s that simple.


Another important note about bit.ly: Not only can you create these custom shortened links at bit.ly, but if you register for a free account you can then track the number of clicks the link gets, where it was referred from, and the location of the user. This can be a valuable addition to your web metrics.


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  1. Audrey says:

    Perfect! Thanks, Julie!

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