Mayor Menino’s Legacy of Civic Technology

To be in Boston on Thursday, October 30th was to be in mourning for the Mayor who led the City on the Hill for two decades, Thomas Menino. As Boston’s citizens paid tribute to the man nicknamed the “urban mechanic” for his attention to the minutiae of city life, many cited ways in which the late Mr. Menino had used technology to make large-scale changes aimed at improving government efficiency, even when he himself was often the least tech-savvy person in the room.

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Cyberlaw Clinic files Petition on Behalf of Medical Device Researchers at the Copyright Office

Copyright OfficeThe Cyberlaw Clinic has filed a petition on behalf of a coalition of medical device researchers as part of the Copyright Office and Library of Congress’ rulemaking for exemptions to copyright’s anti-circumvention law. Every three years the Librarian of Congress, at the recommendation of the Register of Copyrights, considers exemptions to the general law against circumventing technological measures that prevent the public from accessing copyrighted works. These exemptions are granted in cases where the law against circumventing technological measures around copyrighted works unduly impedes on lawful uses of those works. (For more on anti-circumvention law, see the Chilling Effects FAQ.)

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Deans’ Food System Challenge Kicks Off at Harvard i-Lab

Harvard Innovation LabEach year, the Harvard Innovation Lab administers several Harvard University-wide challenges.  The competitions include the “President’s Challenge” (overseen by Harvard President Drew Faust‘s office) and several “Deans’ Challenges” (each launched by a dean or group of deans at Harvard, aimed at solving specified technical, business, or social problems). 

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Apply to Enroll in CopyrightX 2015

Applications are open through December 15, 2014 for the innovative CopyrightX networked online course, which explores the current law of copyright; the impact of that law on art, entertainment, and industry; and the ongoing debates concerning how the law should be reformed.  Through a combination of recorded lectures,assigned readings, weekly seminars, live interactive webcasts, and online discussions, participants in the course examine and assess the ways in which the copyright system seeks to stimulate and regulate creative expression.

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Work with the Cyberlaw Clinic During HLS Winter Term, 2015!

6853The Cyberlaw Clinic will offer a a small number of HLS 2Ls and 3Ls who previously enrolled in the Clinic the opportunity work with us during the three weeks of winter term, 2015.  Winter term students will help the Clinic with discrete projects that will benefit from full-time (if short-term) student involvement.  Winter term in the Cyberlaw Clinic essentially functions as a full-time job, with students working 40-hours-a-week for three weeks.  

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Ninth Circuit Hears Oral Argument in NSL Gag Order Case

15481641875_0a98c72763_k copyThe Electronic Frontier Foundation‘s Deputy General Counsel (and Berkman Center Affiliate) Kurt Opsahl argued before a Ninth Circuit panel this week in a case – In re: National Security Letter, Under Seal v. Holder (Sealed), 13-15957 & 13-16731 (consolidated), 13-16732 — that challenges the constitutionality of gag orders embodied in National Security Letters.  The Ninth Circuit has posted audio of the arguments before Judges Ikuta, Smith, and Murguia.  

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100kin10 Launches “Blow Minds Teach Stem” Campaign

BMTSOur friends at 100kin10 have launched their innovative “Blow Minds Teach STEM” campaign, geared toward promoting science, technology, engineering, and math teaching! 100kin10 maintains a unique network of 150+ partners that aims to support the goal of providing America’s classrooms with 100,000 excellent STEM teachers by 2021.  The “Blow Minds” campaign urges science, technology, engineering, and math majors to consider teaching careers and enroll in teacher training programs.  The multimedia campaign — developed in collaboration with the creative team at Cultivated Wit — includes a Tumblr dedicated to development and curation of “science-tainment” and a set of resources directed to STEM majors who are considering teaching careers.

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Clinic’s Managing Director Receives CCTV’s “Leading Role” Award

AwardThanks to Cambridge Community Television for recognizing the Clinic’s Managing Director Chris Bavitz with CCTV’s “Leading Role” award at last week’s Backlot Barbecue event. Chris accepted the award — which recognizes “advocacy in promoting social justice in media and technology” — on behalf of the Clinic students who have worked with CCTV over the years. Cambridge Community Television has been a terrific client and collaborator, and we look forward to doing many more great projects together in the future!

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Northeastern University Profiles Andy Sellars of the Clinic

imagesNortheastern University has published a profile of the Cyberlaw Clinic’s own Andy Sellars, calling attention to his great work at the Clinic and at the Berkman Center’s Digital Media Law Project. Andy — a 2008 graduate of Northeastern’s College of Arts & Sciences – describes his interest in the intersection of creative arts and technology and the ways in which Northeastern faculty members like Dave Herlihy and Jim Anderson influenced his decision to study law. Congratulations to Andy on being one of Northeastern’s “Featured Alumni”!

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Cyberlaw Clinic Team Participates at EFF Pub Trivia Event

JZA six-member team comprised of ringers representatives from the Cyberlaw Clinic (including Clinical Instructor Vivek Krishnamurthy, Clinical Fellow Andy Sellars, and Harvard Law School LLM student Viviana Ruiz Martinez), joined by friends from the Berkman Center and beyond (including Berkman Fellows Malavika Jayaram and Peter Hirtle and Jay Stanley from the ACLU) came in first place in last night’s EFF Cyberlaw Pub Trivia event at the Harvard Law School Pub. EFF’s Deputy General Counsel Kurt Opsahl served as emcee for the east coast installment of the trivia night, which EFF usually hosts in its hometown of San Francisco. Big thanks to EFF and especially to Kurt, along with HLS students Naomi Gilens and Kendra Albert, for their help in putting on the event and to all who turned out for this memorable evening!

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