Chicago sky line-up

Click on the above for a nice series of shots I took while flying out of Chicago in the evening, looking east toward the skyline with the sun behind me in the west. Early on is a nice series of the Bensenville Yard, one of the most impressive, and busy, rail yards in the world.

Here’s the slide show.


  1. Rob’s avatar

    Wow. Amazing shots.

  2. steve’s avatar

    The Chicago pictures are great! I have really enjoyed the entire series of pictures you take from your flights. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Greetings from Chicago! &#8212 Matt’s Waste of Your Time’s avatar

    [...] when I got in and re-synced Google Reader, I got a post from Doc Searls containing a picture of the same view at a different time of [...]

  4. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Rob, Steve…

    I have, um… thousands more. Only time to put up short series at a time, though. Did this one last night with my kid.

    Surprised that the Bensenville Yard doesn’t have something in Wikipedia yet, considering how huge and important it is.

  5. Paul Bouzide’s avatar

    There is a wikipedia entry for Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard, the biggest in the world, which is in North Platte, Nebraska. Bensenville – while large and the biggest on the Canadian Pacific system – isn’t even the biggest in Chicago (that honor goes to Clearing Yard which is located similarly close and south of Midway Airport). Because I’m such a rail geek i’m going to have to figure out exactly where Bensenville lies in the worldwide pecking order. I have a suspicion it doesn’t quite make the top 10.

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