New book list, October 8, 2014


Aggression in humans and other primates: biology, psychology, sociology.
Edited by Hans-Henning Kortüm & Jürgen Heinze. Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, [2013]. HOLLIS# 014173649
BF575.A3 A5237 2013

Amphibian conservation: global evidence for the effects of interventions.
By Rebecca K. Smith and William J. Sutherland. Exeter: Pelagic Publishing, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014173581
QL644.7.S65 2014

Bee time: lessons from the hive.
By Mark L. Winston. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014020511
SF523.3.W547 2014

Between land and sea: the Atlantic Coast and the transformation of New England.
By Christopher L. Pastore. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014020516
GB459.4.P37 2014

Biota rossiĭskikh vod ͡IAponskogo mor͡ia (Biota of the Russian waters of the Sea of Japan). Volumes 1-9.
Glavnyĭ redaktor serii, V.L. Kasʹ͡ianov. Vladivostok: Dalʹnauka, 2004-. HOLLIS# 013416629
QH95.24.B56 2004

Cerambycidae sul-americanos (Coleoptera): taxonomia: subfamília Cerambycinae. Vol. 5: Cerambycini-Subtribo Sphallotrichina subtrib. nov., Callidiopini Lacordaire, 1869, Graciliini Mulsant, 1839, Neocorini trib. nov. Vol. 13: Subfamília Lamiinae, Hemilophini Thomson, 1868, parte I. Suplemento 3.
Ubirajara R. Martins, organizador. São Paulo: Sociedade Brasileira de Entomologia, 1997-. HOLLIS# 012107944
QL596.C4C47 1997 v. 5, 13 (pt. 1)

Catalogue of the living bivalvia of the continental coast of the Sea of Japan (East Sea) = Katalog sovremennykh dvustvorchatykh molli͡uskov kontinentalʹnogo poberezhʹi͡a I͡Aponskogo mori͡a.
By K.A. Lutaenko and R.G. Noseworthy. Vladivostok: Dalʹnauka, 2012. HOLLIS# 014202897
QL430.6.L88 2012

Crabs and shrimps of the Pacific Coast: a guide to shallow-water decapods from southeastern Alaska to the Mexican border.
By Gregory C. Jensen, Ph.D. 2nd edition. Bremerton (3808 Sundown Dr.), Washington: MolaMarine, ©2014. HOLLIS# 014203678
QL444.M33 J46 2014

Deepwater megabenthos of south-western Australia.
Edited by F.R. McEnnulty. Perth, W.A.: Western Australian Museum, 2011. HOLLIS# 014203554
QH95.55.A8D34 2011

Diversity, prevalence, and host specificity of avian Plasmodium and Haemoproteus in a Western Amazon assemblage.
By Maria Svensson-Coelho, John G. Blake, Bette A. Loiselle, Amanda S. Penrose, Patricia G. Parker, and Robert E. Ricklefs. Washington, D.C.: American Ornithologists’ Union, 2013. HOLLIS# 014174436
QL696.P2 S84 2013

Dolphin confidential: confessions of a field biologist.
By Maddalena Bearzi. Chicago; London: The University of Chicago Press, 2012, ©2012. HOLLIS# 013165175
QL737.C432 B43 2012 [e-book]

Ecogeographic patterns of morphological variation in Elepaios (Chasiempis Spp): Bergmann’s, Allen’s, and Gloger’s rules in a microcosm.
By Eric A. Vanderwerf. Washington, D.C.: American Ornithologists’ Union, c2012. HOLLIS# 014174410
QL696.P255 V36 2012

Evolutionary dynamics of mammalian karyotypes.
Editors, Roscoe Stanyon, Alexander Graphodatsky. Basel; New York: Karger, 2012. HOLLIS# 014173617
QH390.E983 2012

An evolutionary perspective on germ cell specification genes in insects.
A dissertation presented by Benjamin Ewen-Campen. Thesis, Ph.D., Harvard University, 2014. HOLLIS# 014101226
QH607.E83 2014

Frogs: genetic diversity, neural development, and ecological implications.
Henry Lambert, editor. New York: Nova Publishers, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014122144
QL668.E2 F7747 2014

The influence of anthropogenic noise on birds and bird studies.
Edited by Clinton D. Francis and Jessica L. Blickley. Washington, D.C. : American Ornithologists’ Union, 2012. HOLLIS# 014174421
QL698.95.F73 2012

Linking bacterial symbiont physiology to the ecology of hydrothermal vent symbioses.
By Roxane Beinart. Thesis, Ph.D., Harvard University, 2014. HOLLIS# 013966038
QH548.B34 2013

Microbiology of the avian egg.
Edited by R.G. Board and R. Fuller. 1st ed. London; New York: Chapman & Hall, 1994. HOLLIS# 013599679
QR116.M53 1994

Mosquito eradication: the story of killing “Campto”.
Editors, Brian H. Kay and Richard C. Russell. Collingwood, VIC: CSIRO Publishing, [2013]. HOLLIS# 014173623
RC116.M66 2013

A natural history of Australian bats: working the night shift.
By Greg Richards and Les Hall; principal photographer, Steve Parish. Collingwood, Vic.: CSIRO Pub., ©2012. HOLLIS# 014173628
QL737.C5R478 2012eb [e-book]

Ninth International workshop on Agglutinated Foraminifera, Zaragoza, Spain, September 3-7, 2012: Abstract volume.
Edited by L. Alegret, S. Ortiz and M. A. Kaminski. London: The Grzybowski Foundation, 2012. HOLLIS# 014199577
QE772.I57 2012

North American amphibians: distribution and diversity.
By David M. Green, Linda A. Weir, Gary S. Casper, and Michael J. Lannoo. Berkeley: University of California Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014019981
QL651.G74 2014

A photographic guide to some common birds of Aravallis.
By Shriyans Bhandari. Rajasthan: Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Ltd., [2013]. HOLLIS# 014169384
QL691.I4 B53 2013

Planting for wildlife: a practical guide to restoring native forests.

Nicola Munro and David Lindenmayer. Collingwood, Vic.: CSIRO Publishing, 2011. HOLLIS# 014173633
SD409.M86 2011eb [e-book]

Predictors of juvenile survival in birds.
By Terri J. Maness and David J. Anderson. Washington, D.C.: American Ornithologists’ Union, 2013. HOLLIS# 014174443
QL698.2.M25 2013

Regenerat͡sii͡a u goloturiĭ. [Regeneration in holothurians].
[By] I. I͡U. Dolmatov, V.S. Mashanov. Vladivostok: Dalʹnauka, 2007. HOLLIS# 014202898
QL384.H7D65 2007

Report of the seventh session of the sub-committee on aquaculture: St Petersburg, Russian Federation, 7-11 October 2013.
Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014202550
SH3.F66 2013

A sparrowhawk’s lament: how British breeding birds of prey are faring.
By David Cobham; with illustrations by Bruce Pearson. Princeton, New Jersey; Woodstock, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom: Princeton University Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014173635
QL696.F3 C63 2014

Vyrashchivanie lichinok donnykh morskikh bespozvonochnykh v laboratornykh uslovii͡akh :prakticheskie rekomendat͡sii. [Rearing of benthic marine invertebrates under laboratory conditions :practical recommendations].
[By] S.D. Kashenko. Vladivostok: Dalʹnauka, 2010. HOLLIS# 014196398
QL362.8.K37 2010

New book list, September 24, 2014


An alphataxonomic revision of extinct and extant razorbills (Aves, Alcidae): a combined morphometric and phylogenetic approach.
By N. Adam Smith and Julia A. Clarke. Washington, D.C.: American Ornithologists’ Union, 2011. HOLLIS# 014169118
QL696.C42 S65 2011

The Crustacea: revised and updated from the Traité de Zoologie. Volume 4, pt. B.
Edited by J. Forest and J.C. von Vaupel Klein; advisory editor, F.R. Schram. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2004- . HOLLIS# 009471158
QL435.C77 2004 v. 4, pt. B

Dinosaurs of Utah.
By Frank DeCourten. Second Edition. Salt Lake City: The University of Utah Press, [2013]. HOLLIS# 014159037
QE862.D2 D42 2013

The evolution of plants.
By K.J. Willis (Biodiversity Institute, University of Oxford), J.C. McElwain (School of Biology & Environmental Science, University College Dublin). Second edition. Oxford, United Kingdom; New York: Oxford University Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014159038
QK980.W56 2014

Freshwater fishes of North America. Volume 1: Petromyzontidae to Catostomidae.
Edited by Melvin L. Warren, Jr., and Brooks M. Burr; illustrated by Joseph R. Tomelleri. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014- . HOLLIS# 014151438
QL625.F74 2014 v. 1

HBW and BirdLife International illustrated checklist of the birds of the world. Volume 1. Non-passerines.
By Josep del Hoyo, Nigel J. Collar; with David A. Christie, Andrew Elliott, Lincoln D.C. Fishpool; colour plates by Richard Allen [and 27 others]. Barcelona: Lynx Edicions, [2014]- . HOLLIS# 014161900
QL677.H78 2014

In the light of evolution. Volume 7. The human mental machinery.
John C. Avise and Francisco J. Ayala, editors. Washington, D.C.: National Academies Press, c2007-. HOLLIS# 011964899
QH359.I55 2007 v. 7

Moths of Europe. Vol. 4, Pyralids 2.
By Patrice Leraut ; foreword by Gaëtan du Chatenet ; translation by Nicholas Flay. [Verrières le Buisson]: N.A.P. Editions, 2006- . HOLLIS# 012194271
QL555.A1 L36 2006 v. 4

Organizing exhibitions: a handbook for museums, libraries and archives.
By Freda Matassa. London: Facet Publishing, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014019994
AM151.M345 2014

Suisun Marsh: ecological history and possible futures.
Edited by Peter B. Moyle, Amber D. Manfree, and Peggy L. Fiedler. Berkeley, California: University of California Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014122184
QH105.C2 S874 2014

Tadpoles of Africa: the biology and identification of all known tadpoles in sub-Saharan Africa.
By Alan Channing, Mark-Oliver Rödel, Jenny Channing. Frankfurt am Main: Edition Chimaira, 2012. HOLLIS# 014151390
QL668.E2 C426 2012

New book list, September 10, 2014


Advances in freshwater decapod systematics and biology.
By Darren C.J. Yeo, Neil Cumberlidge, and Sebastian Klaus (editors). Boston: Brill, 2014. HOLLIS# 014151454
QL444.M33 A33 2014

De amfibieën en reptielen van Nederland.
Onder redactie van Raymond C.M. Creemers, Jeroen J.C.W. van Delft; met bijdragen van Jan W. Arntzen … [et al.]. Leiden: Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum Naturalis, 2009. HOLLIS# 012758935
QL643.A44 2009 [with CD-ROM]

Biodiversity of the Four Corners area: technical reviews. Volumes 1-2.
AWF Four Corners TBNRM Project. Harare: Zambezi Society; Bulawayo, Zimbabwe: Biodiversity Foundation for Africa, [2004]. HOLLIS# 010238555
QH195.C37 B56 2004

Codon evolution: mechanisms and models.
Edited by Gina M. Cannarozzi, Adrian Schneider. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2012. HOLLIS# 013227861
QH390.C63 2012

Conservation assessment of butterflies of South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland: red list and atlas.
Edited by S. Mecenero … [et al.]. Johannesburg: Saftronics (Pty) Ltd. and the Animal Demography Unit, 2013. HOLLIS# 014032748
QL557.S6 C66 2013

Conservation biology: foundations, concepts, applications.
By Fred Van Dyke; illustrators and permissions assistants, Michael J. Bigelow, Lauren Anderson; editorial assistant, Jo Ebihara. 2nd ed. [United States]: Springer, c2008. HOLLIS# 014152294
QH75.V37 2008 [on reserve—ask at the circulation desk]

Contributions to the history of herpetology. Volume 1, revised and expanded: Issued to commemorate the I World Congress of Herpetology, Canterbury.
Edited by Kraig Adler. Oxford, Ohio: S.S.A.R., 1989- . HOLLIS# 001838687
Herp. QL640.C6 1989 v. 1 rev.

A democracy of facts: natural history in the early republic.
By Andrew J. Lewis. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, c2011. HOLLIS# 012750976
QH21.U6 L48 2011

Ecoregions: the ecosystem geography of the oceans and continents.
By Robert G. Bailey. 2nd edition. Berlin: Springer, 2014. HOLLIS# 014119438
QH541.15.E248 B24 2014

Essentials of ecology.
By Michael Begon, Robert W. Howarth, Colin R. Townsend. 4th edition. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2014. HOLLIS# 014012567
QH541.B44 2014

The evolution of phylogenetic systematics.
Edited by Andrew Hamilton. Berkeley: University of California Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014151342
QH83.E96 2014eb [e-book]

Experimental evolution and the nature of biodiversity.
By Rees Kassen (Department of Biology, University of Ottawa). Greenwood Village, Colorado: Roberts and Company, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014151345
QH541.15.B56 K37 2014

The extracellular matrix: an overview.
Robert P. Mecham, editor. Berlin; New York: Springer Verlag, c2011. HOLLIS# 014153703
QP88.23.E952 2011

A feathered river across the sky: the passenger pigeon’s flight to extinction.
By Joel Greenberg. First U.S. edition. New York: Bloomsbury, 2014. HOLLIS# 013907148
QL696.C6 G74 2014

Fresh-water birds of Ireland.
Text by Jim Wilson; images by Mark Carmody. Wilton, Cork: Collins Press, 2011. HOLLIS# 014151398
QL690.I7 W55 2011

From taxonomy to phylogenetics: life and work of Willi Hennig.
By Michael Schmitt. Leiden; Boston: Brill, [2013]. HOLLIS# 014151347
QH31.H3585 S36 2013eb [e-book]

The Galapagos: a natural history.
By Henry Nicholls. New York: Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014151349
QH198.G3 N53 2014eb [e-book]

Greifvögel in Deutschland: Bestand, Situation, Schutz.
Hrsg. von Achim Kostrzewa und Gero Speer; unter Mitarb. von E. Bezzel … [et al.]. 2., vollst. neu bearb. und erw. Aufl. Wiebelsheim: Aula, 2001. HOLLIS# 007922357
QL696.F3 G735 2001

Guldholmen Mai 2013: ornitologiske registreringer med hovedvekt på trekkende sjøfugl.
By Bjørn R. Eriksen. Halden: G. Hardeng, 2013. HOLLIS# 014137257
QL690.S8 E74 2013

How to write and publish a scientific paper.
By Robert A. Day and Barbara Gastel. 7th ed. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Greenwood, c2011. HOLLIS# 014151371
Ref. T11.D33 2011

Inland aquaculture in Western Australia: establishing an aquaculture operation: overview and licensing.
Published by Department of Fisheries. Perth, WA: Department of Fisheries, February 2013. HOLLIS# 014151895
SH317.I54 2013

Insect virology.
Edited by Sassan Asgari and Karyn N. Johnson. Norfolk, UK: Caister Academic, c2010. HOLLIS# 014151395
QR327.I572 2010

Mass production of beneficial organisms: invertebrates and entomopathogens.
Edited by Juan A. Morales-Ramos, M. Guadalupe Rojas, David I. Shapiro-Ilan. London: Elsevier Science, 2014. HOLLIS# 014151364
SF517.M27 2014eb [e-book]

A method for determining a fee for access to the aquatic environment for aquaculture and pearling purposes: Water Lease Fees Working Group report to the Hon Minister Norman Moore, MLC Minister for Fisheries, July 2011.
Department of Fisheries. Perth, WA: Department of Fisheries, February 2013. HOLLIS# 014151889
SH375.M37 2013

Peru: Ere-Campuya-Algodón.
Nigel Pitman [and ten others], editores/editors. Chicago: The Field Museum, [2013]. HOLLIS# 014122166
QH128.P47 2013

Recreational fishing in Western Australia: fish identification guide.

Perth, Western Australia: Department of Fisheries, February 2013. HOLLIS# 014151824
SH317.R43 2013

Review of report on the “Status of nearshore finfish stocks in south-western Western Australia: Australian herring and tailor”.
Prepared by Keith Jones, Sillago Research Pty Ltd for the Department of Fisheries, Western Australia. Perth, Western Australia: Department of Fisheries, 2013. HOLLIS# 014151921
SH317.J65 2013

Review of the Western Australian Rock Lobster stock assessment: report to Western Australian, Department of fisheries.
By André E. Punt. Perth, W.A.: Department of Fisheries, 2011. HOLLIS# 014151908
SH380.2.A8 P85 2011

Die Säugetiere Deutschlands: Beobachten und Bestimmen.
[By] Eckhard Grimmberger. 1. Auflage. Wiebelsheim: Quelle & Meyer Verlag, 2014. HOLLIS# 014137371
QL728.G3 G75 2014

Tapeworms, lice, and prions: a compendium of unpleasant infections.
By David I. Grove. First edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014151365
RA639.G76 2014eb [e-book]

The trilobite book: a visual journey.
By Riccardo Levi-Setti. Chicago; London: University of Chicago Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014151367
QE821.L455 2014eb [e-book]

Wild again: the struggle to save the black-footed ferret.
By David Jachowski. Berkeley: University of California Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 013995887
QL737.C25 J32 2014eb [e-book]

New book list, August 20, 2014


Birds and climate change: impacts and conservation responses.
By James W. Pearce-Higgins, Rhys E. Green. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014117392
QL698.95.P43 2014

Climate change adaptation in Africa: an historical ecology.
By Gufu Oba. Abingdon, Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge, 2014. HOLLIS# 014117419
SF55.H67 O43 2014

Coastal conservation.
Edited by Brooke Maslo and Julie L. Lockwood, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014117424
QH541.5.C65 C5485 2014

Collaborative partnerships in transboundary wildlife management: a review of southern African experiences.
By Solomon Mombeshora. Harare, Zimbabwe: Regional Office for Southern Africa, IUCN, The World Conservation Union, 2005. HOLLIS# 010205332
SK575.S55 M66 2005

Endangered elephants: past, present, and future: Symposium on Human-Elephant Relationships and Conflicts, Sri Lanka, September 2003.
Editor, Jayantha Jayewardene. Rajagiriya: Biodiversity and Elephant Conservation Trust, 2004. HOLLIS# 010296666
QL737.P98 S98 2004

Fish chemosenses.
Editors, Klaus Reutter, B.G. Kapoor. Enfield, NH: Science Publishers, c2005. HOLLIS# 009795725
QL639.1.F5524 2005

Foundations of fisheries science.
Edited by Greg G. Sass, Micheal S. Allen; section edited by Robert Arlinghaus [and four others]. Bethesda, Maryland: American Fisheries Society, 2014. HOLLIS# 014122140
SH328.F68 2014

Handbook of Western Australian birds. Volume 2: Passerines (Blue-winged Pitta to Goldfinch).
By R.E. Johnstone and G.M. Storr, edited by Deborah Louise Taylor. Perth, W.A.: Western Australian Museum, 1998- . HOLLIS# 007975815
QL693.J655 1998 v. 2

Handbook on the economics of ecosystem services and biodiversity.
Edited by Paulo A.L.D. Nunes, Pushpam Kumar, Tom Dedeurwaerdere. Cheltenham, UK; Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014122147
QH541.15.E25 H25 2014

Indian birds.
By R. K. Gaur. New Delhi: Brijbasi Printers, 1994. HOLLIS# 010296659
QL691.I4 G38 1994

Inseklopedie van Suider-Afrika.
By Erik Holm. Pretoria: LAPA Uitgewers, 2008. HOLLIS# 012041994
QL485.S6 H65 2008

Mamíferos de España.
[By] Juan Carlos Blanco; prólogo de Miguel Delibes de Castro. 1. ed. Barcelona: Planeta, 1998. HOLLIS# 008190988
QL728.S7 B485 1998 v. 1-2

Quantitative genetics in the wild.
Edited by Anne Charmantier, Dany Garant, Loeske E.B. Kruuk. 1st ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014122167
QH432.Q36 2014

Rare and endangered plants and animals of Gujarat, February 2003: as part of the Project Conservation of Rare and Endangered Biodiversity of Gujarat.
Vadodara: Gujarat Ecology Society, 2003. HOLLIS# 010296691
QK86.I4 R37 2003

Salmonid spawning habitat in rivers: physical controls, biological responses, and approaches to remediation.
Edited by David A. Sear and Paul DeVries. Bethesda, Md.: American Fisheries Society, 2008. HOLLIS# 012316469
SH167.S18 S3 2008

Shark nursery grounds of the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast waters of the United States.
Edited by Camilla T. McCandless, Nancy E. Kohler, and Harold L. Pratt, Jr. Bethesda, Md.: American Fisheries Society, 2007. HOLLIS# 012514564
QL638.9.S4537 2007

Spezielle Zoologie. [Teil. 1], Einzeller und wirbellose Tiere.
[Editors], Wilfried Westheide und Reinhard RiegerEinzeller und wirbellose Tiere3rd ed. Berlin; Heidelberg :Springer Spektrum, 2013. HOLLIS# 014137379
QL362.E36 2013 [Teil 1]

Teleosts: evolutionary development, diversity and behavioral ecology.
Skylar Carone, editor. Hauppauge, New York: Nova Science Publisher’s, Inc., [2014]. HOLLIS# 014122188
QL618.2.T45 2014

Wetland conservation in Sri Lanka: proceedings of the National Symposium on Wetland Conservation and Management: June 19th and 20th, 2003, IUCN-The World Conservation Union, Sri Lanka Country Office.

Colombo: IUCN, Sri Lanka, c2004. HOLLIS# 010296670
QH77.S72 N37 2003

In Memoriam Woody Hastings


We were saddened to hear of the passing last week of J. Woodland “Woody” Hastings. He was a consummate scientist who did pioneering work in bioluminescence, quorum sensing, circadian rhythms, and more. But he was also a warm and generous human being, and he will be sorely missed.
The Library exhibit on Bioluminescence that was on display in the lobby of the Northwest Building last year was inspired by Woody’s work. The accompanying webguide ( is dedicated to him.

For more information about Woody, visit the MCB webpage.




New book list, August 6, 2014


Advances in bio-imaging: from physics to signal understanding issues: state-of-the-art and challenges.
Nicolas Loménie, Daniel Racoceanu, and Alexandre Gouaillard (eds.). Heidelberg; New York: Springer, c2012. HOLLIS# 013227829
RC78.7.D53 A38868 2012

Alaska’s changing arctic: ecological consequences for tundra, streams, and lakes.
Edited by John E. Hobbie and George W. Kling. New York: Oxford University Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014117329
QH541.5.T8A53 2014eb [e-book]

By Graham Barwell. London: Reaktion Books, 2014. HOLLIS# 014052675
QL696.P63B37 2014 [e-book]

The amphibians and reptiles of Cyprus.
By Felix Baier, David J. Sparrow, and Hans-Jörg Wiedl. 2nd. rev. & updat. ed. Frankfurt am Main: Edition Chimaira; Lanesboro, MN: Serpent’s Tale [distributor], c2013. HOLLIS# 014113088
QL658.C93 B25 2013

Applied ecology and human dimensions in biological conservation.
Luciano M. Verdade, Maria Carolina Lyra-Jorge, Carlos I. Piña, editors. New York: Springer, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014117361
QH541.29.A67 2014eb [e-book]

Aquatic biodiversity: a celebratory volume in honour of Henri J. Dumont.
Edited by Koen Martens. Dordrecht; Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2003. HOLLIS# 009794739
QH90.1.A67 2003

Basic bioinformatics.
S. Ignacimuthu. 2nd ed. Oxford, U.K.: Alpha Science International, c2013. HOLLIS# 014119414
QH324.2 .I39 2013

Behavioral genetics of the fly (Drosophila melanogaster).
Edited by Josh Dubnau. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014117379
QL537.D76 B44 2014eb [e-book]

Biodiversity and environmental change: monitoring, challenges and direction.
Edited by David Lindenmayer, Emma Burns, Nicole Thurgate and Andrew Lowe. Collingwood, Vic.: CSIRO Publishing, 2013. HOLLIS# 014117380
QH541.15.M64 B46 2013

Biodiversity conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean: prioritizing policies.
By Allen Blackman, Rebecca Epanchin-Niell, Juha Siikamaki and Daniel Velez-Lopez. Abingdon, Oxon; New York: RFF Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014117381
QH77.L25 B59 2014

Biomolecular electronics: bioelectronics and the electrical control of biological systems and reactions.
By Paolo Facci. Burlington: Elsevier Science, 2014. HOLLIS# 014117387
QH509.5 F23 2014eb [e-book]

Britain’s dragonflies: a field guide to the damselflies and dragonflies of Britain and Ireland.
By Dave Smallshire & Andy Swash. Third edition. Princeton; Woodstock, Oxfordshire: Princeton University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014117401
QL520.24.G7 S63 2014

Burridge’s multilingual dictionary of birds of the world. Volume I-A, latin index.
Edited by John T. Burridge. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars, 2008- . HOLLIS# 011755496
Ref. QL672.2.B87 2008 v. I-A

Catalogue of type invertebrate fossils of the Geological Survey of Canada. Volume 2.
By Thomas E. Bolton. [Ottawa, Queen's Printer, 1960- . HOLLIS# 001068116
QE770.C2 v. 2

Common amphibians of Costa Rica.
Author, David Norman. Heredia, Costa Rica: D. Norman, [1998]. HOLLIS# 008306087
QL656.5.C8 N67 1998

Daphnia: biology and mathematics perspectives.
Editor, M. El-Doma. Hauppauge, New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2014. HOLLIS# 014117470
QL444.B83 D37 2014eb [e-book]

A diagnostic manual of cowry species, subspecies, and forms.
By E.L. Heiman. Rehovot, Israel: [s.n.], 2012. HOLLIS# 013316203
QL430.5.C94 H45 2012

The double-crested cormorant: plight of a feathered pariah.
By Linda R. Wires; with original illustrations by Barry Kent MacKay. New Haven: Yale University Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014052688
QL696.P4745W57 2014 [e-book]

Drosophila melanogaster: genome evolution, behavior and economic importance.
Jessika L. Regan, editor. New York: Novinka, 2014. HOLLIS# 014117518
QL537.D76.D764 2014eb [e-book]

The Duchess’s shells: natural history collecting in the age of Cook’s voyages.
By Beth Fowkes Tobin. New Haven: Yale University Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014119436
QL406.2.T63 2014

Ecosystem dynamics: from the past to the future.
By Richard H.W. Bradshaw (University of Liverpool), Martin T. Sykes (Lund University). Chichester, West Sussex; Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell, 2014. HOLLIS# 014119440
QH541.B73 2014

Ecosystem restoration: selected programs and federal activities.
Simon Acheson, editor. New York: Novinka, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014119443
QH541.15.R45E37 2014eb [e-book]

Elephants and savanna woodland ecosystems: a study from Chobe National Park, Botswana.
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New book list, July 23, 2014


Amazonia–landscape and species evolution: a look into the past. [E-book]
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Among chimpanzees: field notes from the race to save our endangered relatives.
By Nancy J. Merrick. Boston: Beacon Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014117340
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Animal madness: how anxious dogs, compulsive parrots, and elephants in recovery help us understand ourselves.
By Laurel Braitman. First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014117344
QL751.B6834 2014

The art of migration: birds, insects, and the changing seasons in Chicagoland.
Paintings by Peggy Macnamara; text by John Bates and James H. Boone; with a foreword by John W. Fitzpatrick. Chicago; London: University of Chicago Press, [2013]. HOLLIS# 013774629
QL674.M293 2013

Aspectos reproductivos del Cangrjo Rojo de Manglar (Ucides occidentalis) en el Golfo de Guayaquil, Diciembre 2011 – Abril 2012 =reproductive aspects of the mangrove ghost crab (Ucides occidentalis) in the Gulf of Guayaquil, December 2011 – April 2012.
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New book list, July 9, 2014


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QL46.R87 1975

New book list, June 25, 2014


Allogeneic transplantation of the radial side of the hand in the rhesus monkey: technical, functional and immunological aspects = Allogene transplantatie van de radiaire zijde van de hand bij de rhesusaap: technische, functionele en immunologische aspecten.
Door Steven Eric Ruden Hovius en Hieronymus Petrus Joseph Dieudonne Stevens. [Rotterdam, Netherlands]: Universiteits Erasmus Drukkerij, 1991. HOLLIS# 014017575
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New book list, June 11, 2014


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