What’s in a name? Emmett Reid Dunn and the Oedipus salamanders


When scientists describe a new animal species, they give it a name, according to rules of the ICZN, the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature.   Species names can honor a person or the place where the animal lives, or reflect the personality of the describer, as in the case of the beetle Gelae donut (Miller and Wheeler 2004).  Emmet Reid Dunn (1894-1956), who earned his PhD at Harvard under Thomas Barbour, expressed his sense of humor when naming salamanders.  Dunn’s 1921 dissertation on the Plethodontidae was expanded and published in 1926 as The Salamanders of the Family Plethodontidae.   Of the eight Oedipus salamanders that Dunn described there, two stand out: Oedipus rex and Oedipus complex.

Because names change as scientific knowledge advances, both of these names have been revised into ordinariness.   In 1944, E.H. Taylor reassigned the species within the genus Oedipus to eight separate genera, including Oedipina(Keferstein 1868) and the new genus Pseudoeurycea.

Below are references for the type descriptions, the Taylor 1944 and the Encyclopedia of Life entries for both.   The new names are more accurate, but not as clever!


Oedipus rex, sp.nov. described by E.R. Dunn in 1921.

Common name, Royal False Brook Salamander.

E.R. Dunn, “Two new Central American salamanders”, Proceedings of the Biology Society of Washington vol. 34, pg. 143-146 (1921)

EOL record for Pseudoeurycea rex:   http://eol.org/pages/1019116/overview

Pseudoeurycea rex © 2006 Sean Michael Rovito Source: CalPhotos



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Oedipus complex, sp.nov. described by E.R. Dunn in 1924.

Common name, Gamboa worm salamander.

E.R. Dunn, “New Amphibians from Panama”, Occasional Papers of the Boston Society of Natural History vol. 5, pg 93-95 (1924).

EOL record for Oedipina complex:  http://eol.org/pages/2815206/overview/

Oedipina complex © STRI



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Librarian Travels: global Biodiversity Heritage Library meeting in Australia, part 2


Global BHL colleagues outside of the Melbourne Museum:  Abel Packer, Connie Rinaldo, John, Jiri Frank, Ely Wallis, Simon Sherrin, Fenghong Liu, Jinzhong Cui

On 1 February 2014 (day 2) of the global BHL meeting, we headed off to Lorne, Australia to convene at the Mantra Resort.  The next two days were working days where we discussed the nitty gritty details of strategic planning, connections with EOL, & other organizations such as GBIF, the next phase of BHL services, planning the next global meeting, & planning for our presentation at VALA, Australia’s bienniel Libraries, Technology and the Future conference.

During lunch breaks and at the end of the day, we could explore the beach.

The last dinner in Lorne.



Librarian Travels: Global Biodiversity Heritage Library Meeting in Australia, part 1.


I recently returned from a trip to the global Biodiversity Heritage Library Meeting in Australia.  The kick-off was “BHL Day” on 31 January 2014  in the Melbourne Museum, Melbourne, Australia.

Ely Wallis, Chair of gBHL organized the meeting and we had a spectacular time.   BHL Day  began with a traditional welcome from the indigenous people of Australia by Caroline Martin, Bunjilaka Manager of the museum.

As we stood in a circle, Caroline Martin (with our host Ely Wallis on left) led a traditional welcome.

Presentations from members of the gBHL nodes attending followed the welcome.  Reports were provided by BHL Classic Chair, Nancy Gwinn, BHL Australia’s Ely Wallis, BHL China’s JinzhongCui and Fenghong Liu, BHL Europe’s Jiri Frank, BHLSciELO’s Abel Packer and Fabiana Montanari Lapido and BHL Africa’s Anne-Lise Fourie.

BHLAfrica report, Anne-Lise Fourie


Staff from BHL Egypt were unable to attend.  It was illuminating to hear what the global BHL nodes are doing.  The afternoon session posed several provocative questions related to recent literature, reprint collections and archival collections leading to a fruitful discussion of new directions as well as boundaries for BHL.  Joining BHL representatives were staff and volunteers from the Melbourne Museum, Australia’s national science agency (CSIRO) and the Atlas of Living Australia. The Museum arranged a tour of the “First Peoples” exhibit, the library rare book room,and a special visit to see live insects on display for visitors.


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Librarian Travels: Villa I Tatti & Biblioteca Berenson



While attending the Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) meeting in Florence, Italy in late October, I was able to spend an afternoon at the Villa I Tatti, a Harvard Center that is considered to be “the foremost research institution in the world for Italian Renaissance art, history, literature, and music.” Scholars of the Italian Renaissance, have an opportunity to spend a full year here on a post-doctoral Fellowship or return for shorter periods as Visiting Fellows.  The Center for Italian Renaissance Studies (opened in 1961) is not open to the public as it is a research facility but tours can be arranged by request for those with a special interest in the topic or ties to Harvard. Other key features are the working farm and a historic Italianate garden designed by Cecil Pinsent.

Villa I Tatti was a gift to Harvard from Bernard and Mary Berenson whose lives and work are fascinating. The couple met at Harvard and remembrances of this time can be seen in the online exhibit:  Bernard and Mary Berenson as (Harvard) students.  Bernard Berenson established himself as an expert on Italian Renaissance paintings and drawings and made his living as an art critic and advisor.

Bernard Berenson believed that new and exciting ideas develop through deep study and conversation with others similiarly involved in research.  Thus, one of the requirements for being a fellow at the Villa I Tatti is that you join the other fellows for meals.   The Center sits in the midst of a working farm that grows olives and grapes and produces its own oil and wine.  According to the tour guide, all the products on the farm are for the sole use of those living and working at the Center.  Information about the program states that much of the most valuable scholarship since the 1970s on the Italian Renaissance has been a result of work done at the Villa I Tatti. The Berensons collected enough art to comfortably decorate (but not over-decorate) the main house.  According to the tour guide, the art works were not necessarily top quality–the Berensons often collected second tier works.

Along with the beautiful villa, garden and farm, the Berensons established an extraordinary library that is meant to  provide comprehensive coverage of Italian Renaissance scholarship, an extensive photograph collection, an archive that documents the work of the Berensons, and a music library for medieval and Renaissance music.  Currently there are more than 175,000 volumes, 250,000 photographs and subscriptions to more than 600 scholarly journals. The Biblioteca Berenson is a quite modern facility and it is easy to see how one could become immersed in research there. The library is vital to the mission of I Tatti–the books, photographs, digital images, archives, manuscripts and recordings offer interdisciplinary opportunities for studies of late medieveal and early modern Italy and also the life and times of the Berensons.  Additionally, as part of the vast Harvard Library, there is access to all of the holdings of Harvard.

A Finding Aid to the papers of Bernard and Mary Berenson held by Harvard provides more information about the Berensons.

~Connie Rinaldo


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