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Fall 2013 Exams: WARNING October 22, 2013

Posted by ijohnson in : HLS Students, Outages & Notifications , trackback

To all students,

If you are running Windows 8 on a Windows based laptop or desktop–do not upgrade to Windows 8.1. We have heard from the vendor of Exam 4 that the software will not work with this update. This problem also applies to the upcoming OSX 10.9 “Maverick” update for Mac users.

Thank you,

The ITS Team


1. Brianna Beswick - October 22, 2013

How can we be reasonably expected to avoid updating our computers for months?? The update has many useful features that I would like to take advantage of, and updates are expected to be installed for features to continue to work properly.

2. Douglas Goldstein - October 22, 2013

Newer operating systems also tend to be the most secure. It’s not our responsibility not to update our computers – it’s the vender and indirectly Harvard’s responsibility to make the exams compatible.

3. Anon - October 22, 2013

As of today, all new Apple laptops run exclusively onMavericks. What happens to those of us who need to buy new computers before exams? Will Exam4 simply not work for anybody who purchases a new Apple laptop?

4. Joshua Fogarty - November 4, 2013

Could ITS issue a timeframe or an estimate on when we will be allowed to update our computers?