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Call for Papers: National Lawyer’s Guild “Guild Practitioner”

January 29th, 2010 · Comments Off

Eric Engle is editing the National Lawyer’s Guild’s journal “Guild Practitioner,” to which a number of well-established law and philosophy academics are contributing. If anyone is interested in submitting articles to the spring issue, one or two article slots remain open. Submissions should be sent ASAP to  erengle at law.harvard.edu. The journal will go to press by March.

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Detlef von Daniels on Wednesday, January 27 at 7 PM (Hauser 104)

January 25th, 2010 · Comments Off

Detlef von Daniels, Lecturer on Government, will speak to us about his new book on The Concept of Law from a Transnational Perspective on Wednesday, January 27 at 7 PM in Hauser 104.

Texts for Discussion:
vonDaniels, Contents
vonDaniels, Paper
vonDaniels, Summary
vonDaniels, Last Chapter

Here is a message from Detlef about these texts:
“Here are some texts; it’s not as much as it looks like. The table of contents, a two page summary, an (older) paper that gives an outline of the argument concerning Hart (we could mainly discuss this paper) and the last chapter. The last chapter is not quite finished as I am still arguing with the editor about some details, so all forms of critique are welcome.”

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