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The Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) connects organizations that would benefit from strategic advice for ongoing or upcoming negotiations or disputes with Harvard Law School students. These students, trained in both the theory and practice of dispute resolution, are prepared to exercise their new skills and knowledge on behalf of real-life clients. Students will receive academic course credit for their work with HNMCP.

In order to prepare students we need the active participation of partners facing real world challenges who are willing to work with us. We warmly invite conflict resolution practitioners, businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and community groups to consider whether our clinic might suit their needs.

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2014 Fall Projects

CRS Team - lo res

Community Relations Service (Dept. of Justice)

Semester: 2014 Fall
Project Type: Dispute System Evaluation
Students: Jennifer John, Caroline Sacerdote, and Sam Koplewicz

The Community Relations Service (CRS) serves as “America’s Peacemaker” for the U.S. Department of Justice, helping local communities address community conflicts and tensions arising from differences of race, color, and national origin. CRS helps communities develop strategies to prevent and … Continue reading

Kids4Peace - lo res


Semester: 2014 Fall
Project Type: Dispute System Design
Students: Whitney Benns, Angela Chan, and Yaseen Eldik

Kids4Peace (K4P) is a global youth movement that works to end conflict and inspire hope in divided societies around the world. Founded in Jerusalem in 2002, Kids4Peace provides a six-year program of interfaith dialogue, leadership development and nonviolent action through … Continue reading

New Hampshire - lo res

New Hampshire Superior Court

Semester: 2014 Fall
Project Type: Dispute System Evaluation
Students: Stephen Silva and Mario Cuttone

The Superior Court is a statewide court of general jurisdiction and provides jury trials in civil and criminal cases. There are eleven Superior Court sites in New Hampshire, one for each county and two in Hillsborough County. In early 2012, … Continue reading

PSU - lo res

Pennsylvania State University

Semester: 2014 Fall
Project Type: Dispute System Design
Students: Tara Norris and Josh Fogarty

Penn State’s Sustainability Institute (SI), formed just over two years ago, was created to lead Penn State toward the university’s sustainability mission: a comprehensive integration of sustainability into the university’s research, teaching, outreach, and operations that prepares students, faculty, and … Continue reading

Seeds 4 - lo res

Seeds of Peace

Semester: 2014 Fall
Project Type: Curriculum Development & Delivery
Students: Ariel Eckblad and Sam Straus

Seeds of Peace (SoP) is a non‐profit organization that inspires and equips young leaders from regions and communities of conflict with the relationships, critical understanding, and skills needed to create positive change and advance lasting peace. SoP adapted its international … Continue reading

TBWA 2 - lo res


Semester: 2014 Fall
Project Type: Strategic Negotiation Advice
Students: Davida Shiff, Toni Tsvetanova, and Sara Doran

TBWA is a top 10 global advertising agency network, with clients such as Apple, Nissan, Gatorade, Accenture, Jameson and Michelin.  As America becomes a more multicultural society, TBWA strives to reflect this in its creative supply chain. With the two … Continue reading