The greatest asset of the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program is the consistent stream of highly motivated, creative, and intelligent students. The clinic is open only to students with a basic understanding of negotiation concepts, and all students are concurrently enrolled in an upper-level seminar focusing on either dispute systems designmultiparty negotiation or facilitation. This clinic appeals in particular to students who enjoy problem solving and ‘thinking outside of the box.’ Students are asked to work through difficult concepts and problems directly with clients and their clinical supervisor, who support them, but rely on the students’ initiative to guide the project.

If you are a student interested in negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, and conflict resolution, some advance planning will help improve your chances of getting into this clinic. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the information on this site about the logistics of registration for this course and the pre-requisite Negotiation Workshop, and remember that there are several active student groups and pro-bono options where you can hone your knowledge of negotiation and mediation while at Harvard Law School.

To learn more about how you can tailor your law school curriculum around negotiation, mediation, and ADR, read about Becky Jaffe’s experience during her time as a student at the Law School.

Student Travel for Clinical Projects

Students should fill out the appropriate release form (domestic or international) and submit it to the clinical administrator as soon as s/he and the client have decided travel is necessary to the project.

Student Release Form for Domestic Travel
Student Release Form for International Travel