BloggerCon: Weblogs and Journalism

10/04/03, posted by j

Background about this session is on the BloggerCon blog. (I’m too tired after the conference to flesh things out now. Forgive me. I plan to refurbish this entry at some point in the future.)

Raw notes from my PalmPilot:

To Josh Marshall: why interview Wesley Clark & put it on your blog as opposed to using a more traditional outlet?
He’s invested in his blog–point was to put it on his blog in the first place

How does Glenn build hit count:
marketing–contacted people to let them know he’s writing about them, they sent traffic. Link to a lot of people–people come back when they like who/what you link to.,

Scott Rosenberg is a writer & editor, so Salon isn’t worried about him blogging

Ed: where can Weblogs go that journalism can’t? Shareholder meetings, campaigns, backstage

Scott: should news sources become more blog-like as blogs influence journalism?

Josh writes about things that are being talked about among the press corps, but not being covered.

Issue of bloggers speaking for their institutions

Q: real news going on blogs w/o being edited?

Issue of bloggers scooping bloggers; how do you put your blog above your work

Is blogging scholarship? Some people think so.

Libel insurance through homeowners insurance

Q: do people ask whether the story is going on the blog or in another publication & how do you explain the answer to them?

Glenn says that bloggers can be sued
to reveal their sources–the courts don’t consider blogs to be journalism

what we can do vs what we ought to do

do Weblogs feed the media?

Q: Can bloggers do something to get the protections of journalists?
(no answer)

Q: how can we distinguish fact from opinion on a blog?
Teach people how to distinguish fact from opinion; how to evaluate Internet sources