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AKP reshuffles Turkey’s neighbors

From Soner Cagaptay Turkey’s ties with its neighbors have been transformed since the Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power almost seven years ago in November 2002. Some analysts have described the AKP’s foreign policy as a “zero problems with neighbors” approach. Under the AKP, Ankara has indeed eliminated problems and built good ties […]

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How to beat Iran’s pipeline strategy

From Gal Luft While Washington is mulling over what to do next in order to weaken Iran economically, this summer the Islamic Republic has taught us a lesson in strategic maneuvering, taking major steps to bolster its economy and geopolitical posture by positioning itself as an indispensable energy supplier to hundreds of millions of people.

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A sense of proportion

. From MESH Admin Here in Cambridge, we rather enjoyed this little exercise in comparing part of the Middle East to the northeastern United States. It was done a couple of years back by Andy Carvin, National Public Radio’s senior product manager for online communities, who simply overlaid Google […]

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Iran-Pakistan pipeline: Iran’s new lifeline

From Gal Luft While the world’s eyes are focused on Iran and Pakistan, little attention has been paid to the two countries’ decision from last week to move ahead with their plans to connect their economies via a natural gas pipeline. What may seem like a standard energy project could have profound implications for the […]

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Persians and Others: Iran’s minority politics

From Philip Carl Salzman There is a natural tendency to reify countries and think of them as unitary entities, often indicated by calling countries “nations” and presuming a homogeneity and uniformity among the population. But this reification and assumption of homogeneity are almost always inaccurate and misleading. In the case of Iran, it would be […]

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From Martin Kramer The appointment of Dennis Ross as “Special Advisor to the Secretary of State for The Gulf and Southwest Asia” (announcement here) has caused some puzzlement, in part because the geographic focus of his title seems fuzzy. This is especially so for “Southwest Asia.”

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Iran and the Arabs… and Obama

From Michael Young .

. Is Iran trying to create a “Shiite crescent,” as its Arab critics insist, or is it a country merely interested in helping the oppressed in the Middle East, Sunnis and Shiites alike? That’s the question indirectly posed in this news report from Al-Jazeera […]

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