How much do teenagers love the iPhone?

Here’s a conversation that I had over Thanksgiving:

  • My 16-year-old cousin: I broke my phone.
  • Me: I will give you an iPhone 5s if you agree to one condition.
  • Young cousin: Deal.
  • Me: I’m also going to send you a three-pound bronze plaque that says “Donated by the world’s best uncle/cousin” and you need to superglue the phone to the plaque and carry both with you at all times.
  • Young cousin: That’s fine.

And then I had to send my old iPhone 4S to her little sister… So now I am firmly committed to the Samsung Note 3 and Galaxy Gear geek watch. The Note 3 is good for reading Amazon Kindle books but it is painful to use as a camera or phone and there are a lot of software freezes.

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