REST Presentation

Here’s the PDF slide set of a talk I gave the IT community at UT Austin on June 25, 2008.
Real World REST with Atom/AtomPub


  1. Erik Wilde’s avatar

    great slides! on slide 24 “Why REST?”, i would suggest to add “loose coupling” and/or “cooperation”, as opposed to the “tight coupling” or “integration” style that is emphasized by the SOAP/WSDL world. i think this is one of the central questions when designing an architecture: do i want integration or cooperation?

    if you enter my SOA naming contest at you can use that picture as a nice illustration (if you like it, if you don’t, i am open for suggestions how to improve it). the current candidate for “???” is “Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM)”, which i don’t like too much, but i cannot think of something better. “Function-Oriented Architecture (FOA)”? never seen that, but that would somehow describe it, i guess…

  2. Peter Keane’s avatar


    Thanks! I like that idea of “cooperation vs. integration.” Those carry more useful connotations than some of the more charged terms that I sometimes use. I’ll definitely include that in subsequent revisions.

    I am still working on my entry for the SOA naming contest! :-).


  3. Shaun’s avatar

    I wish I was there to see this slideshow, very interesting actually it surprised me! Nice blog too by the way.

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