Peter Keane (‘pkeane’ on twitter) is a software developer/librarian working at The University of Texas at Austin. His current project is a digital asset repository application called DASe. He lives in Austin with his wife Amy and son Eamonn. His preferred text editor is Vim, his preferred Linux distribution is ArchLinux, and his preferred window manager is EvilWM.

The header image is from a painting by Amy Miller Keane:

  1. Craig Landry’s avatar

    Sorry to reach out to you this way…I couldn’t find any other option to message you….

    Anyhow, Just a note to say I put ‘Goodnight Blues’ back into my personal listening rotation. I bought this, one of my favorite records, at the “Passim” where you opened for T-Bone Burnett. Thank you for all the enjoyment!

    Craig Landry


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