Ex-Guantanamo Prison Commander believes facility should be closed

The former commander of America’s most notorious detention facility describes his experiences at Guantanamo and offers an opinion on its usefulness here.


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One Response to Ex-Guantanamo Prison Commander believes facility should be closed

  1. Scott Ufford says:

    Colonel Carrico sounds like a man of honor and a soldier with a conscience. Rumsfeld, by comparison, will be seen by history as quite the opposite. It’s impossible to forget how in the days immediately following Bush’s declaration of war on Iraq, Rumsfeld declared that anyone opposed to the war was a traitor–
    and the Democrats, cowed & meek, fired not a shot of objection.

    This fearful submissiveness also played & plays a role in allowing torture to be declared “not torture” by Bush & Obama, & how Guantanamo continues as a military warehouse for unconstitutionally held “low value” prisoners & a transfer point for shipping inmates to overseas torture centers of American allies.

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