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Shanesha Taylor Regains Custody of her Kids!

  If you’ve been reading the PLAP blog regularly, then you’ll remember the post titled “Mothering Between a Rock and a Hard Place” that told the story of Shanesha Taylor and her struggle as a poor, single mother. Well, today I … Continue reading

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Inmates saving money for Palm Beach County cities

                                                                                              Photo Courtsey of The Palm Beach Post      In a tough economy, cities in Palm Beach County, Florida are employing a controversial method to keep their cities clean while also cutting costs. Cities within the county are employing inmates, under the … Continue reading

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 Criminal offenses do not always invole prison or jail  Occasionally a monetary fine is the punishment.  Less fortunate citizens often do not have the resources to pay these fines. A growing trend amongst court systems nationwide is to hire private probation companies to … Continue reading

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The geography of incarceration

The Atlantic advises us about a disturbingly striking project to document prison geography. See more for yourself here.

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Cash for prisons

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) is the nation’s largest operator of for-profit prisons; it is a “Wall Street giant” that has grown more than five-fold during the last fifteen years. After 9/11, it capitalized on anxieties about national security and … Continue reading

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The Price of Prisons

The Vera Institute of Justice has released a report entitled “The Price of Prisons,” outlining a new methodology to calculate the real cost of prisons for taxpayers. The Center on Sentencing and Corrections and Cost-Benefit Analysis Unit studied 40 states, … Continue reading

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More press urges MA legislature to rethink enacting Three-Strikes bills

The editors of the Boston Phoenix weigh in on what Three-Strikes legislation would mean for Massachusetts, in a way consonant with the article discussed in this earlier post.

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New Massachusetts Three-Strike bills bode poorly for its already overcrowded prison system

In this article in Metrowest, Leslie Walker and Jean Trounstine warn about the possible consequences of two Three-Strikes bills recently passed by the Massachusetts House and Senate for the already overcrowded Massachusetts prison system. With the prison population average at … Continue reading

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Three-strikes reform in California? Make a wish for the new year.

California, distinguished among other ways by having the country’s most “indiscriminately punitive” three-strikes law, has allowed a ballot initiative to go forward that would modify it to exempt non-violent criminals. This welcome change is largely financially motivated: the state’s economy is … Continue reading

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Settlement requires reform in treatment of the mentally ill in Massachusetts prisons

As a result of the high suicide rate and the growing problem of the treatment of the mentally ill in Massachusetts prisons, especially the consequences of placing this vulnerable population in solitary confinement, the Massachusetts Department of Corrections has entered … Continue reading

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