What to Pack?


‘The Hobbit’ To Feature 53-Minute-Long Scene Of Bilbo Baggins Trying To Figure Out What To Pack

The film, one of three upcoming Lord Of The Rings prequels based on the novel by J.R.R. Tolkien, reportedly suspends its main narrative action for almost a third of its screen time while the main character rummages through his house trying to figure out what clothing and personal possessions he will need for his journey.

“Yeah, he just sort of fusses around for a while, wondering aloud whether he should pack an umbrella or not, and laying out different coats on his bed,” said Hollywood Reporter critic Todd McCarthy, who attended an early press screening this week. “And then there are long stretches—I’m talking like 10, 12 minutes—where he’s just sitting in a chair silently thinking about what he’s going to need.”

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2 Responses to “What to Pack?”

  1. Kelly Says:

    But in the end, he still forgets his handkerchief.

  2. KENNETH Says:

    It appears that Jack Zipes was always right. It’s all about the money!! I hope watching this movie is worth my time. If J.R.R. Tolkien were alive he certainly would not have approved this adaptation.