How (not) to relate

I’m an alumnus of Guilford College, a pretty-good little college in Greensboro, North Carolina. I went there from 1965-1969 and enjoyed it thoroughly. I also learned a lot, made lifelong friends, and started a family there. I still have a few old family ties, but nothing much more than that. I enjoy getting alumni literature [Read More →]


John Peterson finds VRM relevant to higher learning: Searls explains CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is broken. (The) idea is to flip the conversation around where the consumers manage vendors. I love this idea. Spin this educationally and we are very close to the story that is developing. Let the students manage their own learning using [Read More →]

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Customer Deflection Mismanagement

I’ve been on hold with my bank: Washington Mutual, which now calls itself by the felicitous nickname “WAMU”, or “wammoo”. I’m calling them because I’ve arrived at this Identity Management Error page… … (and yes, it actually does look like that, and say that, just like it did last November), after failing (not repeatedly but [Read More →]

How about demand-driven flexy bandwidth?

What would happen if network speed was driven by usage rather than fixed provisioning? That’s the question on the floor of the Berkman Center Fellows meeting I’m attending right now. (Or the ceiling, which is where I am, via teleconferencing speakers.) We’re so used to thinking of connectivity, and bandwidth, as something entirely controlled by [Read More →]

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Mike Taht: What I want most, at the moment, is a means to prohibit all the 4th class mail I get. I think a stirringly popular initiative some politician could make in the coming election would be to promote a “” – and also promote extensions to that will also ban solicitations from charities and [Read More →]

How about a VRM approach to paying artists through radio stations?

Maybe there is an upside to the Copyright Royalty Board‘s decision to force all commercial and noncommercial webcasters to pay a per-song/per-listener royalty fee. While many of us are wringing their collective hands (see Internet Radio on Death Row) over the high costs (exceeding the revenue projections even of leading webcasters) this new copyright regime [Read More →]

How about an open market for tech support requests?

After making fun of Adobe’s tiered tech support options this morning, I began thinking about the need for an open market for tech support requests. For example, let’s say I’d be willing to pay $15 to find out how to so something in Adobe GoLive CS2 (to pick one product buried within Adobe’s tech support [Read More →]


Project VRM is a research and development project of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. Its purpose is to study and support the development of tools that provide customers with both independence from, and engagement with, vendors. Think of VRM as the way customers relate to vendor CRM (customer relationship management) [Read More →]

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