VRM link roundup

PGreenburg: should we call CRM 2.0….duh…..VRM? Bart Stevens: VRM vrs the “I waste a 1 billion dollar/year industry, and The wheel, fire and… VRM. Nick Brisbourne: VRM – requirements of a good service. Keith Hopper:  Empowering the individual creates beneficial outcomes and cultivates an environment where these contributions are most valuable. Since the best participatory [Read More →]

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VRM is user-driven

In Two tales of user-centricities, Adriana Lukas gets at something that has bothered me for years about the term “user-centric”. It always seemed too external to me. It equates too easily with terms like “customer-focused”. It’s something one does for a user. Not something a user does. In the past I’ve tried to steer the [Read More →]

VRM placemarkers

Just found out from Keith Hopper about Fundable.org. Also about RepRap, which Chris DiBona says is “China on your desktop”. And Boston FabLab, which just looks totally cool. Wanted to get those down before I lost track.

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VRM 2008 in Munich, 21-22 April

Thanks to the good folks putting on the 2nd European Identity Conference, also known (and now tagged) as EIC2008, we  have VRM2008 starting in advance of it at the same location in Munich. VRM2008 will take place on 21-22 April (all day Monday, and up until lunch at 1300 on Tuesday). EIC2008 will follow for [Read More →]

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