VRM linkage and thinkage

In Vendor relationship management: CRM threat or opportunity?, Graham Saad lays out the customer and vendor side advantages of VRM. John Cass adds to Francine Hardaway’s report on the talk I gave yesterday at There’s a New Conversation. Note my comment in response to Francine’s post as well. In My Request to Give, Bart Stevens [Read More →]

What’s the overlap between VODO and VRM?

I just learned about VODO.net. Here’s the short version, and here’s the long version of what VODO is about. The very short version: “VODO’s aim is to provide a revenue stream for creators of media content”. The strategy section of the long version says this: VODO connects would-be donors to creators in order that they [Read More →]

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VRM post-iCitizen linkage and coverage

A lot went down at conferences these last two weeks. The main three were IIW, Berkman@10 and iCitizen. Many of the below items were from the iCitizen, where my keynote met with much face-to-face approval and enthusiasm, but the blogging and twittering veered toward the skeptical side (not negative, but more wait-and-see). That’s what you’ll [Read More →]


So, as I was explaining VRM to some people this morning, and how we were equipping individuals with tools for both independence and engagement, an analogy came up: role playing games. Dungeons & Dragons. World of Warcraft. Final Fantasy. I was blown away. Not because it’s a great analogy, but because I … just didn’t [Read More →]

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See change

James Kalbach has an interesting review of Subject to Change, the new book by Peter Merholz, Brandon Schauer, Todd Wilkens and David Verba, which all work at Adaptive Path. It opens with a reference to Cluetrain, then explains how the Subject to Change’s authors advise companies to focus on empathy with the user, “deep customer [Read More →]

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In ProjectVRM we’ve been talking for some time about equipping users with tools for both independence and engagement. In a detailed paper titled Mine! as VRM Infrastructure,  Adriana Lukas has given a name to at least one toolbox: Mine! I like it. It begins, This paper sets out to describe a version of infrastructure or [Read More →]

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A nice unpacking of VRM

Check out Eve Maler in Pushing String on… Everyday identity and human-centered design Imperatives driving human-centered identity Practical human-centering and VRM The care and feeding of online relationships … which appeared in that order. I love the graphics too. One sample: Another: Great fodder for discussion at IIW this week.

Toward a feeds-based VRM ecology

Alec Muffett and Adriana Lukas have been at work on “Feeds-based VRM”, which they call A Web-Centric Approach to VRM Implementation. I like the goals: invent as little as possible reuse only popular technologies, techniques and user-interface metaphors in order to enable VRM, and… provide maximal inclusiveness and extensibility to the VRM implementation, to permit [Read More →]

Link Roundup for Cinco de Mayo

CRM 2.0 = CRM + SCM + PRM + VRM ?, by Guido Oswald Socialultions: Is It Disruptive Innovation?, by Jay Deragon Emerging Trends? – Nope, it’s been a long time coming, by  Elias Bizannes Running the Numbers, by Joe Andrieu Driving Markets from our own kernels, by Doc Searls Do Not Track Legislation Could [Read More →]

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