Looking back on a forward-moving workshop

I’m up the coast at a nice old-fashioned hotel in Portland, Maine, with my first opportunity to follow up on an outstanding first-ever VRM Workshop. Lots of progress was made on many efforts. Lots of topics came up that surprised and encourged me. VRM and information portablility inside health care, for example. Here are the [Read More →]

Because principles are good to have.

I’m vetting ten VRM principles here: all grist for next week’s VRM Workshop mill. We’ll be changing these as the workshop approaches, I’m sure. Note that these apply to management of relations with vendors by customers: the narrowest scope of VRM. The larger topic of relationship managmement (RM) is part of the discussion as well. [Read More →]

VRM linkage and thinkage

Adriana Lukas posts insightfully about how we are Reaching the limits of silos, not networks, which she wrote  in response to Noah Brier‘s Metcalfe’s Plateau, to which I also responded with Pulling the scales from our whys. It was fun to find Bob Metcalfe himself (inventor of Ethernet and a fun guy) amongst the commenters, [Read More →]

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