Can we fix travel?

Two parts to my theory here. One is that the airline business is sucky for reasons the airlines can’t fix by themselves. The other is that only customers can fix it for them. The reason airlines are sucky is that they treat customers as cargo rather than as human beings. Of course they don’t think [Read More →]

Portable Contacts API and VRM

The Portable Contacts API looks to me like it could (and maybe should) be one of the open source building blocks for VRM. Read this piece by David Recordon, and watch this video. If you love energetic hack-a-thons (and you should; much of the code we all use was born in these fecund environments), there’s [Read More →]

A new business model for news

Right now you can watch, live, Jeff Jarvis‘ New Business Models For News Summit. Wish I were there, but I’m low on clones and have too much else to do. But I can still make a point and point out what we’re already doing. My point: We need a business model built on the customer [Read More →]

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