Relationship in markets

Back after The Cluetrain Manifesto came out — first as a website (March, 1999) and then as a book (January 2000) — some of the best feedback came from people in what people used to call the Third World (that was before the first two merged into one, and a bunch of countries in the [Read More →]

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Answering tweeted questions about VRM

So, with the help of vangeest and Twitter Search for #vrmevent, I’m addressing questions tweeted from the virtual floor here at the VRM Event in Amsterdam. Here goes… vangeest: @dsearls: retweet @vangeest: #vrmevent: what is the relationship between the good old B2B marketplaces like Ariba and VRM? As an idea VRM owes something to B2B, [Read More →]

VRM is personal

“Social” is a bubble. Trust me on this. I urge all consultants on “social ______” (fill in the blank) to make hay while the sun shines. Even as the current depression deepens, lots of companies are starting to realize that this “social” thing is hot stuff and they need to get hip to Twitter and [Read More →]

It’s VRM Weeks on the West Coasts

… of both Europe and the U.S., that is. Got up at 5am this morning in Mountain View, Pacific Time. It was easy because my body is still partly on East Coast time (8am) and GMT (noon). That’s because I’m still fresh from London, and more VRM conversations than I can count — in addition [Read More →]

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Who drives?

Sitting at Telco 2.o, next to JP Rangaswami (hi, JP!), listening to Amazon CTO Werner Vogels tell us that Amazon’s goal is to be “Earth’s most customer-centric company”. That’s nice, but I’d rather have “-driven” than “-centric.” Because being “-centric” doesn’t require you to relate. Being driven does.

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