The new business of journalism, cont’d

Josh Young writes Why I dislike micropayments, don’t mind charity, but really have a better idea. He mentions VRM and his idea is VRM-like, in the sense that it involves relationships between the buyers and sellers of journalism, in which buyers are — at least to some degree (as I understand it) — in charge [Read More →]

Loose Links

Much happening in the UK. Follow the VRM Hub blog to see what’s up. (Wishing I could make every one of these.) The next meeting is on 26 February. Latest posts by Adriana Lukas: Retail, VRM and students. …think of VRM as a framework for developing tools and technology to enable individuals to transact on [Read More →]

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PayChoice for Newspapers. And everything else that’s free.

I got a note saying that Walter Isaacson‘s latest Time Magazine piece — How To Save Newspapers — cries out for VRM. I agree. Here’s the exciting text amongst his closing paragraphs: Under a micropayment system, a newspaper might decide to charge a nickel for an article or a dime for that day’s full edition [Read More →]

Free customer values

In Twitter, Wal-Mart, VRM and the Future of Retail, Broadstuff (blog of Broadsight) says this: To entice the customer into what is probably a slightly longer supply chain, they will need to offer a discount, and get a better idea of what the customer’s requiremens are upfront – is get the customer to hand over [Read More →]


Is the VRM-enabled customer a black belt gorilla?

EmanciPay: a new business model for newspapers

Rex Hammock is right to gripe about the newspaper turtles pulling their heads in their shells and complaining that readers aren’t paying for the goods papers offer for free online. In that post he runs down some of the drumbeats he’s been hearing: “The notion that newspapers should become financially endowed institutions was published a [Read More →]

Markets are Hanging Up On Customers

I just recorded my call with Apple Support to improve customer service: How to hang up on a Mobile Me customer. Apple can come to this web site to receive assistance.

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The VRM Path

Adriana Lukas has posted A VRM Journey, a long and substantial manifesto. Highly recommended reading. Much tweeted-about too. It comes at a time when there is a bit of debate about VRM, started by Graham Hill at CustomerThink. I responded here. Graham came back with this. Iain Henderson, Alan Mitchell and I all responded in [Read More →]