Is VRM radical?

In this post at ReadWriteWeb, Bernard Lumm interviews Richard de Silva of Highland Capital Partners (a neighbor of ours here in the Boston metro’s northwest quarter). It’s about advertising, primarily. Richard and Bernard both agree that advertising is moving more toward “performance-based” models. “Closer to the sale.” It’s a sell-side conversation, framed by the need [Read More →]

Thread spread

I usually post VRM-related stuff here, but I put Information Age Dawn Still Breaking at my personal blog because it started out as a Cluetrain post and only became a VRM post toward the end. Long one.

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Just asking

Once VRM becomes widespread, will Google still need an ombudsman?

Loose links

Lots of VRM Hub action. Here’s the page for the one coming up on 30 March. Be sure not to miss the related VRM Labs. Here’s a review there of  VRM Hub last night and this post by Graham Sadd both report on the latest. So does Jake at Nic Brisbourne sources Joe [Read More →]