EmanciPay: A Content Monetization Plan for Newspapers

Yesterday I reported hearing that the New York Times was thinking about putting its editorial behind a paywall again. Today James Warren gives substance to the rumors: Here’s a story the newspaper industry’s upper echelon apparently kept from its anxious newsrooms: A discreet Thursday meeting in Chicago about their future. “Models to Monetize Content” is [Read More →]

A Declaration of Customer Independence

Peter Hirshberg tells me that we have a Declaration of Customer Independence already, and it’s called The Cluetrain Manifesto. Could be. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the 10th anniversary edition comes out in June. Peter thinks what we need now is a Constitution. Could be that’s what we’re working toward with ProjectVRM. [Read More →]

Making surveys unnecessary

It’s almost going on two years since I wrote Why Surveys Suck. They still do. Case in point: Sirius, the satellite radio company. Last December, Mike Elgen in Computerworld listed satellite radio among 10 Things That Won’t Survive the Recession. Said Mike, I’m sorry, Howard Stern. It’s over. The newly merged Sirius XM Radio simply [Read More →]