Bowling a data strike

In 3 Tech Themes for the Next Decade, Tim Beyers bowls a VRM strike in The Motley Fool. Or maybe a spare, if we count one pin still standing, but sure to fall after the other two. Specifically… 1. Computing will become ever more distributed. This refers to cloud computing, but also to the idea [Read More →]

CRM & VRM, Figure & Ground

Antagonyms, Social Circles and Chattering about VRM is a deep and helpful piece by Cliff Gerrish on his Echovar blog. He starts by visiting antagonyms and contranyms (words that carry dual and opposing meanings) and how context tilts perception and meaning toward one side or another. By example he suggests that Google’s problems with Buzz [Read More →]


A recent Project VRM Conversation on Geocasting — the ability to share your location data with the world, how you could optionally share it, and how it could be abused. Includes privacy thread.

MyCubi: a Personal RFP Play

John Federico (@gadgetboy) writes this in MyCubi: A Local Auction Marketplace for Services in Your Neighborhood: MyCubi (pronounced “My Cubee”)wants to make local marketplaces more efficient by bringing buyers and service providers together. Service providers visiting MyCubi are encourage to create a Cubi – a free web page that enables businesses to market, trade and [Read More →]

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Graham Sadd (@grahamsadd) in VRM Trust Matters: publishes the second half of Doc Searls predictions and emerging forms of VRM but I couldn’t resist adding a few to his list. As a long term advocate of VRM (or SRM as I used to call it back in the last century) I fully agree with [Read More →]