1. CoCreatr says:

    Thank you, Doc, for this very clear update. Asymmetric Terms of Service we find wherever we sign up bother me no end, especially when I explicitly consent said service may end for any or for no reason. And without notice. What service is worth our trust that will not even offering a hearing before kicking out one or more of its members that helped it become what it is? So glad to see more human services coming and looking forward to reading more balanced service policies.

  2. Graham Sadd says:

    I distinctly recall JP (Rangaswami), speaking on a distinguished panel back in c2003, questioning the word ‘relationship’ in CRM. This thought has remained with me as we have moved from SRM (Supplier Relationship Management), which we were advocating at Infobank in the late 90′s, to VRM.
    But the concept is bigger than that. It is more than balancing the buyer/vendor relationship. It is about ALL the online relationships that we, as individuals in our many roles, want to form, develop and maintain. It Is about TRUST and we are building TRM (Trusted Relationship Management) services to facilitate interactions, communications and transactions between willing buyers (individuals and businesses) and willing suppliers (public and private) to their mutual benefit.

  3. Adami CRM says:

    Great article!! You will always have these ‘Terms of use’ when you talk about Business ‘relationships’…

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