VRM vertical: real estate

Bill Wendell of Real Estate Cafe poses a good Idea Starter question: What if homebuyers and sellers managed their own data? Sez Bill, Here are ten of our favorites ideas about how to retool the real estate industry with VRM.  What are yours? He actually provides more than ten. Here’s a sample: 5.  Buyers will [Read More →]

We’re filling up

Our VRM+CRM workshop, exactly two weeks away, is filling up. We have about 70 people signed up so far, and if we get too many more we may be spilling out of our spaces. So, if you care about VRM development, and how it matches up with what’s happening on the CRM side, register soon. [Read More →]

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Check out EnThinnai

Rao Aswath, a technologist and telecom industry veteran of long standing, has been working on EnThinnai, which he describes as a VRM tool and more. He runs down a list of VRM principles (in some detail), and concludes, It is apparent that EnThinnai meets almost all of the principles set forward for VRM. The way EnThinnai [Read More →]