Do we have to “trade off” privacy?

Look up privacy trade-offs on Google and you’ll get more than 150,000,000 results. The assumption in many of those is that privacy is something one can (and often should) trade away. Also that privacy trading is mostly done with marketers and advertisers, the most energetic of which take advantage of social media such as Twitter, FourSquare [Read More →]


Here’s a great video by Markus Sabadello. It draws, literally, the connections between VRM, the Federated Social Web, and Personal Data Stores. Here’s his blog post on the same topic, which also includes the video. Dig ‘em. In case you’re wondering, he’s standing in Austria, with the Danube and Slovakia in the distance.


Thanks to a question from @RebeccaCaroe, VRM is now on the radar of Peppers & Rogers, a business consulting group I have followed and respected for nearly two decades. Much of what we’re doing with VRM is right in line with what Peppers & Rogers have been writing and talking about for the duration, so [Read More →]

VRM+CRM Follow-Up

It’s been a week since VRM+CRM 2010, and there have been many conversations on private channels (emails, face-to-face, phone-to-phone, face-to-faces), all “processing,” as they say. Meanwhile we also have some very interesting postings to chew on. (Note: This is cross-posted here.) First, Bill Wendell‘s RealEstateCafe wiki has a nice outline of sessions at the workshop. Better than our own, [Read More →]