1 to Every

I have here at my left elbow an original 1993 edition of The One to One Future, by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers — the inaugural book in the authors’ 1 to 1 series, and one that had no small influence on The Cluetrain Manifesto, written six years later by Chris Locke, Rick Levine, David [Read More →]

Pushing for Pull and the Open Web

The Open Web Movement: A Call to Action, is the latest from David Siegel. He writes, The companies with the most market share – Apple, Google, Facebook – want to “own the customer” by trapping them. And the media is buying the crack they are selling. Each of these companies has its own way of [Read More →]

Knight News Challenge entry for EmanciPay

Below is a copy of our entry to the Knight News Challenge. It actually hadn’t crossed my mind to put one together until last Monday, when I saw that they have a category for sustainability. It says here, Sustainability: Considers new economic models supporting news and information. New ways of conducting and consuming journalism may [Read More →]