To your owned self be true

After getting this provocative tweet, I checked the source (@NZN), and found Ready to make change? A sample: …my son BELIEVES he OWNS the Internet. His Internet. His Facebook. And in case you think that is not how reality works, I suggest that you also consider that my son also BELIEVES that he OWNS his [Read More →]

State of the VRooM

A lot has been happening in VRooMville lately. (Testimony: over there on the right at the moment we have three different #VRM tweets, in three different languages.) Rather than summarize things, I’ll let writers and developers in the VRM community give us a rundown. In no special order, here goes… Reverse the Paradigm, by Uwe [Read More →]

How customers matter more than data about them

When I ran across Inc.‘s The 5 Habits of Quality Focused Companies, I was intrigued, because I thought maximizing personal contact with customers would be one of the five. Instead the closest Inc. came was this: 2. They collect and analyze data. Collecting data is more common than ever, particularly with the advent of Web analytics. [Read More →]

Conversational Commerce Conference

If you’re in the Bay Area and care about VRM, please try to make the Conversational Commerce Conference (aka C3) in San Francisco today and/or tomorrow. It’s put on by Dan Miller and other friends at Opus Research. They describe the conference thusly: Marketing and customer service are on a collision course. Social media now [Read More →]

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