VRooMing along

A quick progress report on a number of VRM fronts. First, lots of action around TrustFabric.org, a VRM company in South Africa. To get some background on context, start with KYC: Know Your Customer. This good-sense imperative takes on official qualities when banking is involved, or holes are left for criminals to slip through. In [Read More →]

Are you in charge of what you buy, or is it vice versa?

That’s the question of the day, at least for me. Toward being in charge of what you buy, we have Buyosphere, which is a VRM company. I know that, because Tara Hunt runs it and has been working from the start to imbue it with VRM ideals. Toward what you buy being in charge of [Read More →]

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Personal RFP

Terry Heaton just pointed me to this post by Seth Godin. A couple paragraphs: Any wasting asset–a restaurant table, a seat at a conference, a wasting box of fish–can be efficiently used instead of wasted if we use technology to identify and coordinate buyers. Synchronizing buyers to improve efficiency and connection is a high-value endeavor, [Read More →]

What makes a VRM tool VRM?

Andrew Bogusky‘s New Conscious Consumer Bill of Rights post just came to my attention, thanks to this tweet by @jamiedsmith, who adds “Needs more symmetry of power for consumers though”.  All due respect to Andrew’s efforts (and he deserves much), I think the only way to get symmetry of power for consumers is by turning them [Read More →]