The smartbank in your pocket

Brett King in How Steve Jobs Changed Banking Forever: In the end when the dust settles, there will still be banks at the backend owning the wires, payments networks and carrying the risk, but they won’t own the customer. The customer will hardly notice banking embedded in their daily life as they go shopping with [Read More →]

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Circling Around Your Wallet

To get our heads all the way around Google+, it helps to remember Microsoft’s Hailstorm initiative from ten years ago. Think of Google+ as Hailstorm done right, or at least better. (That is, for Google.) What Microsoft wanted with Hailstorm was less “social” than personal. (“Social” in 2001 was years away from getting buzzy.)  What Google wants with [Read More →]

A loyalty card survey

I’m on record saying (at least some) surveys suck. I’ve softened a bit on that, in part because I now have two relatives working at SurveyMonkey. So today, when I found myself wondering how many loyalty cards people carry around, I thought, Hey, why not run a little survey on that? So I put one together, [Read More →]

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