VRM at SXSW 2012

I just learned via Mark Scrimshire (@ekivemark) that a VRM panel — Are Free Customers Better Than Captive Ones? — has been accepted for the next SXSW. That means people voted for it, even though I had forgotten about it and didn’t promote it all. (Did anyone else? Dunno yet.) The location is listed as Startup [Read More →]

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Signs of progress

The bottom line (literally) of this report on the Consumer Energy Summt in the UK is this piece of excellent news: …energy companies have agreed to give consumers access to their data in electronic format as part of the government Midata programme. Connect.me, a VRM company, gives us a way to construct “trust frameworks” among ourselves. They [Read More →]

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Prototyping a new business model for everything

For IIW next week, Craig Burton and I have been working on a prototype demonstrating EmanciPay, using ListenLog on the Public Radio Player app from PRX.  The description at the EmanciPay link is minimal so far, but the model has a great deal of promise, because what it puts forward is a new business model for [Read More →]