Toward a new symbiosis between Demand and Supply

I’m listening and watching with fascination to Keith Scovell‘s Shopper Power videos. In these Keith describes progress being made in a VRM direction by retailers and their upstream suppliers, detailing efforts made by Starbucks, Hallmark, CVS, Tesco/Homeplus, Frito-Lay, Reese’s and other companies — all recognizing that customers’ range of control over interactions in retail environments [Read More →]

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SOPA and Customer Commons

Imagine that Customer Commons had been created a year ago. To guide that imagining, here is the copy that matters from the placeholder page: Customer Commons is about us. We are a com­mu­nity of customers. We are funded only by customers. We serve the inter­ests and aspi­ra­tions of customers. We are the 100% Customer Commons [Read More →]

Customers are personal, cont’d

There are so many excellent comments and questions following my last post, Consumers are social, Customers are personal, that I decided it would make more sense to address them in a new post than in comments under that one. So here goes. Joshua Marsh, the CEO of Conversocial, writes, I’m interested in your comment that [Read More →]

Consumers are social, Customers are personal

Social media are a partial and temporary solution at best to a pair of linked problems that are essentially personal: dysfunctional customer relationship management on the vendor’s side; and minimal vendor relationship management on the customer’s side. In the absence of solutions to both problems, vendors still see customers as consumers, and that too is [Read More →]

Occupying the Internet

As he so often does, Dave Winer nails it, this time with The Un-Internet. Some pull-quotes: At issue is this: Control. For whatever reason, the people who run the tech companies want it. But eventually the users take it. Either the companies learn how to take the lead from their users, or they will be [Read More →]