Opening VRM for Business

In his post The customer as god, Nic Brisbourne of the investment firm DFJ Esprit shows how he is both a smart and a patient man. He was smart to get hip to VRM three years ago… Back in 2008-09 I wrote a few posts about Vendor Relationship Management (VRM), a conceptual framework for improving the customer [Read More →]

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Link wrangling

A list just from the #VRM hashtag, e.g. here and here. Centralized Collection and Control of Personal Data: Due for Disruption or Unstoppable Trend? Why CRM needs to turn around. What happens when our cellphones can predict our every move? Marketing is dead. United Airlines lost my friend’s 10-year old daughter and didn’t care a bit. Terms of Service; [Read More →]

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Can we each be our own Amazon?

The most far-out chapter in The Intention Economy is one set in a future when free customers are known to be more valuable than captive ones. It’s called “The Promised Market,” and describes the imagined activities of a family traveling to a wedding in San Diego. Among the graces their lives enjoy are these (in the [Read More →]