Toward the Internet of Everythings

So @xl_cr tweets, Do you really believe the customer is in charge? If so check out @dsearls @vrm or visit ProjectVRM at  #vrm Since is the shortcut to, that link goes here. XL.CR is here. All the copy there says, Ever upward. Empowering buyers through invention. “Webify your world with a Twine. via @supermechanical— xl_cr [Read More →]

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Below: two whiteboards from our VRM planning day, yesterday, in prep for #IIW, which is going on right now in Mountain View. I’ll explain later. Mostly right now I want to put these up to bring topics back to mind for folks who were there.    

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Time for subscribers to fix the broken subscription business

I love the New York Times. I’ve been buying and reading the Times for most of my life, and consider it the best newspaper in the world. And, now that I’m spending more time in New York, I want to subscribe, to at least the digital edition. But trying to do that is a freaking [Read More →]


The XVth IIW is coming up on October 23-25 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, and VRM will be, as usual, a big topic — or collection of topics — there. IIW stands for Internet Identity Workshop, but the topical range is much wider than identity alone. Front and center for the last [Read More →]