When consumers become media for themselves

I was talking recently with Edi Immonen of Glome about the idea behind it: turning users into publishers. He used the word “media,” but I’m going with “publishers” for now, because that’s the word used in this graphic (one of many like it — all amazing and excellent) from LUMA partners: That’s the marketer’s view. But how [Read More →]

VRM taking root in France

I love this tweet from @CaroCondamin Le concept du Vendor Relationship Management par ProjectVRM http://www.caroline-condamin.com/vrm/  #VRM Following the links, I see she works for OneCub, a VRM company in France. Here she also includes this simple and handy graphic, which nicely illustrates the reciprocity between CRM and VRM: Thanks to the good work done by Fing and others in [Read More →]

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VRM in 2013

Two positive pats on the VRM back greeted the new year and got me thinking. The first is Jim Harris’ Small Data and VRM — his prediction for 2013 in the @DataRoundtable blog. He writes, One of the reasons that vendors are getting geeky over Big Data is because they claim that they want to use it to become more [Read More →]

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