Reporting on the Data Privacy Hackathon

In case you missed the Data Privacy Hackathon, held this past weekend in London, New York and San Francisco, there should be a good mother lode of posts, tweets and videos up now, or soon. Here is a small starter-pile of links from the New York one: The hackathon page. #privacyhack on Twitter Videos of [Read More →]

Outlining -> VRM

Dave Winer‘s SmallPicture is a vendor I’ve been relating to from the start, mostly by cheering on development, for example of Fargo, the online outliner I describe here. Now that SmallPicture has a reader, I can copy and paste the HTML from my Fargo outline into WordPress under its HTML tab. This makes piling up and [Read More →]

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Lawsuits as a business model

In The Economics of (Killing) Mass-BitTorrent Lawsuits at TorrentFreak, Alan Gregory examines the likely effects of recent rulings in the Northern District of California and elsewhere, all of which discourage the filing of copyright infringement lawsuits against whole swarms of BitTorrent users. While not exactly a VRM topic, I’m posting pointage to it because Alan was an intern [Read More →]

Enough with browsers. We need cars now.

What we need, and don’t yet have: For independence on the Net and the Web, we need cars, pickup trucks, bikes and motorcycles. Not just shopping carts — which are what browsers have become. Personal vehicles give us independence. They let us drive and shop all over the place, coming and going as we please. [Read More →]

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A visit to the advertising echo chamber

Two days ago, eMarketer Digital Intelligence ran a post titled Age, Gender Affect Whether Consumers Will ‘Like’ an Ad. Here are the first few paragraphs: Older consumers are more likely to click on a Facebook ad, while younger consumers, who are more comfortable with interacting with brands on Facebook, are more likely to click “like.” This information can [Read More →]

Digging Ray Fisk’s Customer Liberation Manifesto

There is a lot of synergy between Ray Fisk‘s Customer Liberation Manifesto (in Service Science) and what we’ve been doing with VRM over the past few years. His focus (as Professor and Chair in the Department of Marketing at Texas State University-San Marcos) is on services. What’s so refreshing and welcome about his Manifesto is that he [Read More →]

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