For real customer engagement, “social” is inadequate

In Social’s Value Measured in Engagement Over Sales, eMarketer provided this revealing graphic: There are trends here too: …consumer engagement and brand lift were the No. 1 goals of social media marketing, each cited by 67% of respondents. This was up significantly from 2011, when those goals were cited by about 50% each. Last year, using [Read More →]

Freedom vs. Tracking

In The Mobile Customer as Data vs. Customer Data, Chuck Martin in MediaPost‘s Mobile Shop Talk says this: The world of data tracking for mobile commerce is getting much more precise. The phone knows where the phone goes, as we all know. And that knowledge can be used to help provide better services to those [Read More →]

Occupying the Internet

As he so often does, Dave Winer nails it, this time with The Un-Internet. Some pull-quotes: At issue is this: Control. For whatever reason, the people who run the tech companies want it. But eventually the users take it. Either the companies learn how to take the lead from their users, or they will be [Read More →]

Time for a market climate change

Visting Customer Analytics in Detail, the Business Intelligence Blog begins, Customers are the heart of any business.  One unshakable rule of Retail business is to “know your customer.” Goes without saying, but it’s good they say it. Then, In today’s business climate, this means using business intelligence (BI) software to analyze complex customer data. Really? [Read More →]