Fourth parties and VRM

One of my oldest jokes (from back when I used to write them) was “With the two party system you can clean up one while you’re having the other.” Well, I kind of raised the ante with VRM and the Four Party System, almost exactly two years ago. The idea was to label a category of [Read More →]

The Customer Vector

In Call for startup: Easy domain editing, the first in a series of blog posts in which Dave lays out opportunities for startups, he says this: In all cases, these startups will have a business model that revolves around an old-fashioned idea that will, imho, once again become fashionable — the customer. People pay the company for [Read More →]

How customers matter more than data about them

When I ran across Inc.‘s The 5 Habits of Quality Focused Companies, I was intrigued, because I thought maximizing personal contact with customers would be one of the five. Instead the closest Inc. came was this: 2. They collect and analyze data. Collecting data is more common than ever, particularly with the advent of Web analytics. [Read More →]

Conversational Commerce Conference

If you’re in the Bay Area and care about VRM, please try to make the Conversational Commerce Conference (aka C3) in San Francisco today and/or tomorrow. It’s put on by Dan Miller and other friends at Opus Research. They describe the conference thusly: Marketing and customer service are on a collision course. Social media now [Read More →]

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The Personal Data Story

Yesterday MyDex launched its Community Prototype at IIW. Coverage — Big long list of #mydex tweets NewMediaAge: DMA and government departments trial data privacy platform Civil Society: Consumers can control their data in new data store The whole release: Today (Monday October 11) Mydex announced a live test of its revolutionary Personal Data Store service. [Read More →]

VRM+CRM Follow-Up

It’s been a week since VRM+CRM 2010, and there have been many conversations on private channels (emails, face-to-face, phone-to-phone, face-to-faces), all “processing,” as they say. Meanwhile we also have some very interesting postings to chew on. (Note: This is cross-posted here.) First, Bill Wendell‘s RealEstateCafe wiki has a nice outline of sessions at the workshop. Better than our own, [Read More →]

VRM vertical: real estate

Bill Wendell of Real Estate Cafe poses a good Idea Starter question: What if homebuyers and sellers managed their own data? Sez Bill, Here are ten of our favorites ideas about how to retool the real estate industry with VRM.  What are yours? He actually provides more than ten. Here’s a sample: 5.  Buyers will [Read More →]

We’re filling up

Our VRM+CRM workshop, exactly two weeks away, is filling up. We have about 70 people signed up so far, and if we get too many more we may be spilling out of our spaces. So, if you care about VRM development, and how it matches up with what’s happening on the CRM side, register soon. [Read More →]

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The First VRM+CRM Workshop

The first VRM+CRM workshop will take place on 26-27 August, at Harvard Law School. It’s free. You can register here. The purpose is to get VRM and CRM developers and other interested parties (such as CRM customers) together to start building out the common ground between them. That common ground is potentially very huge. CRM is [Read More →]


We’ve reached the point where VRM and CRM developers are ready to talk. There is a lot of CRM-facing development going on in the VRM community. A number of both commercial and non-commercial projects on this list are involved, and some are far enough downstream that folks in both communities need to show what they’re [Read More →]