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The marketplace Tim Harford: Casinos’ worrying knack for consumer manipulation Doug Weaver: Dead Internet Ideas: The ‘Right’ to Target. VRM and Personal Clouds Fatemeh Khatibloo at Forrester is tweeting for #VRM and related updates. Ctrl-Shift interviews MyWave‘s Geraldine McBride about what her new company is up to. Note that MyWave finds it best to market VRM as [Read More →]

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A Holiday list of VRM links

New VRM developers (in alphabetical order, two from Australia, one from New Zealand) Flamingo. Descriptions:  Personalizing Customer Experience…Empowering businesses…>Flamingo knows that true customer empowerment is achieved by empowering businesses too. Thankfully technology and some clever analytics allow us to do just that….>We have a unique set of tools, created especially for business that will empower [Read More →]

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VRooMy links

VRM developments List of developers and related projects and people on the ProjectVRM wiki. Please make or send your updates. Phil Windley: Intention Generation: Fuse and VRM. Pull-quotage:Fuse, our connected-car product is an intention generator. Here’s a few examples: When Fuse sees your gas tank is nearly empty it can generate an intention to buy gas. When [Read More →]

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VRM There is an interesting correlation happening right now between online advertisers and adblocking technology: they’re both growing. By Till Faida, co-founder of Adblock Plus, in RealBusiness. Pull-quotage…”Our ultimate consideration, however, should lie in keeping these decisions in the users’ hands. So, adblockers should not rid the Internet of all advertising, they should give users the choice [Read More →]

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Link logging

Research Most Americans Confused By Cloud Computing According to National Survey. “For example, 51 percent of respondents, including a majority of Millennials, believe stormy weather can interfere with cloud computing. Nearly one third see the cloud as a thing of the future, yet 97 percent are actually using cloud services today via online shopping, banking, [Read More →]

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Loose links

Midata Innovation Lab Launches. By Alan Mitchell at  Ctrl-Shift. Pull-quotage: The Lab is a world first in three ways. It’s the first time individuals will be empowered as the point of integration of data about their own lives. Financial transactions, energy consumption data, phone data and lots of other data sets including previously uncollected data such as [Read More →]

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Loose links

I’ll be flying shortly to Italy, for the State of the Net conference in Trieste later this week. (Here’s the English version, the program, the hashtag: #sotn13.) I’ll be on a couple of panels and giving a keynote on personal clouds, which are emerging as center of control for individuals doing VRM. Meanwhile, here are some links I’m [Read More →]

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Prepping for #VRM Day and #IIW

The 16th IIW (Internet Identity Workshop) is coming up, Tuesday to Thursday, 7-9 May, will be tat the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. As usual, VRM will be a main topic, with lots of developers and other interested folk participating. Also as usual, we will have a VRM planning day on the Monday preceding: 6 May, [Read More →]

VRN Linkage

A roundup of VRM-related tweets and posts… Tweets: williamheath ‏@williamheath @felix_cohen Well, indeed. There is a better way, and I think Unis will lead the way #VRM #Mydex Gary Rowe  @garyjrowe 4 Apr Discovering Identity: LinkedIn Should Use Connect.me http://www.discoveringidentity.com/2013/03/30/linkedin-should-use-connect-me/ … #IDM #Tech #LI #VRM Expand Enzion Xavier  @NZN 4 Apr What is UDPO? http://www.moxytongue.com/2011/10/what-is-udpo.html … empower people so that they are no longer held captive [Read More →]

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VRM Roundup

Some collected items, some old, some new… Products I Want, an intentcasting post by Johannes Ernst. On cricket, riots, trust and customer advocacy and The Dimes; a modern retail fable, by JP Rangaswami. Own your identity, by Phil Windley, responds to The VRM perspective. On personal clouds: The personal clouds wiki Introducing SquareTag, An API for my [Read More →]

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