Market intelligence that flows both ways

This post is about creating a whole new customer-company relationship system, based in what Jon Udell and Phil Windley call The Internet of My Things. This system opens up a boundless frontier of market intelligence that flows both ways: from companies to customers, and from customers to companies. It obsoletes customer service as we know it [Read More →]

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Why Facebook buying WhatsApp is good for #VRM

WhatsFace is a huge deal for VRM, but not just in the ways we’re hearing about so far. For example, Henry Blodgett is right that Facebook paying $19 billion dollars in cash and stock for WhatsAppis a bargain. Hey, WhatsApp is a real business with a half-zillion customers, growing at a phenomenal rate, and a great platform for more [Read More →]

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Personal = Sovereign

We are all different. We look different, we sound different, we think and act different. Even soldiers marching lock-step in uniform are all different. Emperor Qui Shi Huang recognized this fact by having his sculptors put a different face on every soldier in the terracotta army. Even identical twins are not identical. Devon Loffreto has a useful word [Read More →]

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Big Data, meet Big Privacy

Look up “big data” (with the quotes) today on Google, and you’ll results that look like this: Basically, a heap of hype. The only visible organic search results are a Wikipedia article and the a May 2011 report that McKinsey wrote for corporate customers. I am sure some of those same customers are among the advertisers hogging acreage [Read More →]

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Come to VRM & Personal Cloud Day

Tomorrow, Monday 21 October, is VRM and Personal Cloud Day at the Computer History Museum. Register at that link. It’s free. Or just show up. (Registering gives us a better idea of head count.) It’s the time and place to brainstorm about both topics, plus what we’ll be discussing and moving forward the following three days at [Read More →]

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VRM happenings in France

Before I spoke briefly to the Cap Digital innovation cluster in Paris a few weeks ago, I asked how many in the audience had heard of VRM. Every hand went up. FING, the Foundation Internet Nouvelle Génération, has been hip to VRM for some time. So have many of its members, which overlap with Cap Digital and [Read More →]

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An olive branch to advertising

Online advertising has a couple of big problems that could possibly be turned into opportunities. One is Do Not Track, or DNT. The other is blocking of ads and/or tracking. In my last post I talked about how DNT might be turned into DNT-D, for Do Not Track – Dialog. Then I said a bit [Read More →]

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? as an “I want” hashtag

Last month Chris Carfi posted A Question of Intent, in which — in addition to much else — he vetted “?” as a hashtag signaling intent to buy. Or intent, period. Hey, we could make it mean whatever we like. In any case, Twitter seemed like a good #intent router. Or, microblogging in general. I [Read More →]

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Opening VRM for Business

In his post The customer as god, Nic Brisbourne of the investment firm DFJ Esprit shows how he is both a smart and a patient man. He was smart to get hip to VRM three years ago… Back in 2008-09 I wrote a few posts about Vendor Relationship Management (VRM), a conceptual framework for improving the customer [Read More →]

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Link wrangling

A list just from the #VRM hashtag, e.g. here and here. Centralized Collection and Control of Personal Data: Due for Disruption or Unstoppable Trend? Why CRM needs to turn around. What happens when our cellphones can predict our every move? Marketing is dead. United Airlines lost my friend’s 10-year old daughter and didn’t care a bit. Terms of Service; [Read More →]

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