Do we have to “trade off” privacy?

Look up privacy trade-offs on Google and you’ll get more than 150,000,000 results. The assumption in many of those is that privacy is something one can (and often should) trade away. Also that privacy trading is mostly done with marketers and advertisers, the most energetic of which take advantage of social media such as Twitter, FourSquare [Read More →]


A recent Project VRM Conversation on Geocasting — the ability to share your location data with the world, how you could optionally share it, and how it could be abused. Includes privacy thread.

Privacy and VRM

In Privacy is Relative my column in May’s Linux Journal, I wrote, there are essentially two forms of privacy. One is the kind where you hide out. You minimize exposure by confining it to yourself. The other is where you trust somebody with your information. In order to trust somebody, you need a relationship with [Read More →]

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