Good news for VRM and financial transactions

Tomorrow, 24 January, is code launch day for FinTP, described by its parent, Allevo, as “the first open source application for financial transactions.” The code is being released under the GPL v3 license on Github. FinTP’s development is intended, among other things, to support VRM product and service development. This began in 2011, when Allevo folks [Read More →]

Loose links

I’ll be flying shortly to Italy, for the State of the Net conference in Trieste later this week. (Here’s the English version, the program, the hashtag: #sotn13.) I’ll be on a couple of panels and giving a keynote on personal clouds, which are emerging as center of control for individuals doing VRM. Meanwhile, here are some links I’m [Read More →]

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Life Management Platforms

Kuppinger Cole, an analyst firm headquartered in Germany, has been hip to VRM for a long time. They gave ProjectVRM an award (that’s it there on the right) at the EIC (European Identity Conference) in 2008, and have been following VRM developments closely ever since. A number of VRM developers were there again at this year’s [Read More →]


VRM was a hot topic at IIW last week, with at least one VRM or VRM-related breakout per session — and that was on top of the VRM workshop held at Ericsson on Monday, April 30, the day before IIW started. (Thanks to Nitin Shah and the Ericsson folks for making the time and space available, [Read More →]

Complaining vs. Buying

Q: “What’s the difference between a tweeter and a customer?” A: “One complains, the other buys.” Just had to write that down. The Q and the A came in the midst of a VRM conference call that also touched on CRM, VRM+CRM, sCRM, trust frameworks, identity and other stuff. Not saying that’s a fair characterization, [Read More →]

Google’s Wallet and VRM

Yesterday Google opened the curtain on Google Wallet. I think it’s the most important thing Google has launched since the search engine. Here’s why: Reason #1: We’ve always needed an electronic wallet, especially one in our mobile phone. And, although others have tried to give us one, it hasn’t worked out for them, because… Reason #2: We’ve [Read More →]

Prepping for IIW

Code talks, talk walks, Craig Burton just said in a phone conversation about IIW #12, which is coming up in Mountain View in the first week of May: the week after next. I like the spirit of that statement. Lots of VRM and related development efforts will be present there. Same goes for lots of APIs, [Read More →]

Stuff going on

Loose beginnings: Yesterday Thomas Ruddy, who lives in Switzerland and words for the government there, gave me a variant on the old “On the Internet nobody knows you’re a dog” line. It was this: “On the Internet, every vendor knows you’re a dog.” And treats you like one, because that’s the way the system is rigged. [Read More →]

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Do we have to “trade off” privacy?

Look up privacy trade-offs on Google and you’ll get more than 150,000,000 results. The assumption in many of those is that privacy is something one can (and often should) trade away. Also that privacy trading is mostly done with marketers and advertisers, the most energetic of which take advantage of social media such as Twitter, FourSquare [Read More →]


Here’s a great video by Markus Sabadello. It draws, literally, the connections between VRM, the Federated Social Web, and Personal Data Stores. Here’s his blog post on the same topic, which also includes the video. Dig ‘em. In case you’re wondering, he’s standing in Austria, with the Danube and Slovakia in the distance.