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HLS Student. March 11, 2010

Every year a group of students at the law school put together a musical parody. They poke fun at professors, politics and legal concepts in general. The show is pretty hilarious… if you are a law student. This year they even put together a non-law-students’ guide to the references in the show. I’m embarrassed to say that I had to look some things up because they went over my head. They put on the show in the Ropes Gray room in Pound and seats are assigned by ticket so you really have to try hard to get good seats. I got lucky this year and bought my tickets from a fellow 2L whose husband plays the drums for the band that performs with the show. We were seated in the front row, which is great for me because I need the legroom but not so great for the people behind me because I’m tall. Oh well. I had a great view of the choreography, which I love to watch closely.

As you may be able to tell from the title, this year’s theme was a parody of the plot of Ocean’s Eleven… Disgruntled students plotted to steal HLS’s endowment because Dean Minow, who had many jokes made at her expense this year, refused to put more money into public interest programs because of how hard the endowment had been hit in the economic crisis. The state of affairs was of course exaggerated for comedic effect. Dean Minow even made an appearance in the last act to reconcile with the thieves the night that I saw the show.

What I love the most about the show is the soundtrack. Every song has law-related lyrics and a recognizable instrumental. For example, the show opened with Your J.D., which was sung to the music from Prince Ali of the Aladdin soundtrack. (I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that song is in my iPod.) Among my favorites was Kissed by a Prof, which was sung to the music of Kiss from a Rose by Seal, it poked fun at three professors that students find attractive… or is it that they are “law school hot”? Then of course I loved the song that talked about my alma mater, Yale. It was described as the one place that no Harvard student would ever go because of its lack of nightlife and 250-word personal statement.

It’s nice to be able to laugh at ourselves through things like the parody. I think that it helps us remember not to take ourselves to seriously while we live in the law school bubble. All together, it was a great show. I just wish they would sell me the soundtrack.

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